How My Articles Have Been Affected by Google Change

Well, yesterday I talked about how Google’s new algorithm has slammed Suite 101 from first page result to dozens of pages back. Well, the change has very harshly affected my page views over at Suite.
This time last month I was getting around 2,500 page views a day at Suite. Yesterday I got 873.
On the other hand, my eHow articles that I posted years ago are doing better than ever. Other former eHow writers report that their page views are doing the same or better than before the Google algorithm change. Other reports confirm that eHow has benefited from the change.
Now, I may be wrong, but in my opinion eHow articles are much more spammy than Suite 101. Wasn’t the whole point of changing the algorithm to get rid of spammy sites in search results? Looks like an epic fail on Google’s part.


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