How Do You Get Respect From Family and Friends? Write, My Friend, Write

Prove You’re Not Just a Clowning Around

I was over at the Suite 101 forums and one young writer was asking how do you make your family respect your choice to write. Well, my answer was pretty simple. I’ve found that success is the best way to make family and friends respect me.
When I started being able to take free press trips to luxury hotels and such, my family acted like I was a superstar. When I started making $50 an hour they treated my writing time very reverently.
So, you’re probably saying, “Okay, this doesn’t help me at all,” but wait.
How did I get to that point? I worked even when my family didn’t believe in me. I worked when they bothered me. I worked when I found it hard to concentrate.
I think it was Stephen King that said the best way to become a success is to sit your butt in the chair and write no matter what. That is so true. No matter what your family thinks, no matter what your roommate does, write anyway, even if you think it’s drivel, even if your brain feels like it’s going to bleed. Eventually, you’ll make it.


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