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For those of you that are looking for an alternative to Demand Studios for a freelance writing job, I present Break Studios.
Break Studios is exactly like Demand Studios, except the articles a shorter (250 word minimum) and are $8 each.

The Upside to Break Studios
Each of the $8 articles are super easy to write and the titles are easy to understand. You don’t have to provide a photo, either.

The Downside to Break Studios
If you think Demand Studios has silly rules, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Break Studios requires:

The first sentence of bulleted items must be bold
The site only accepts non-user generated (.org, .gov and .edu) for cited sources; coms are not allowed as references
Articles must be done the same day they are claimed
I think I’m going to pass on this freelance writer site for now, but it may be useful for budding freelance writers out there.

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One thought on “Freelance Writing Work at Break Studios

  • Kari Wolfe

    From the Break Studios FAQ: "After you claim an article, you will have 7 days to write and submit the article. Don't worry, you will receive notifications reminding you to submit your article before it is taken out of your queue. After 7 days, the article will be returned to the Content Pool. After an article ahas been sent back to you for a Re-write, you will have 3 days to complete the Re-Write. You will also receive reminder notifications for these articles before they are returned to the Content Pool."

    I just was accepted as a writer–I'll let you know how it goes 🙂