Freelance Writing Tips from Professional Elance Contractors

Guest Post by Jessalynne Madden

Are you considering a career as a freelance writer?  Have you heard about Elance?
Elance is a social media platform specifically designed to connect freelance professionals with short-term work as well as long –term projects and consistent clients.
Does this sound good to you?  There’s more!
Elance provides an area for serious writers to develop their abilities as freelance professionals.  Sharpening your techniques on Elance will equip you to be a successful freelance writer long into the future.

Are you already familiar with Elance?

If you have taken the time to set up a profile on Elance and started to bid on jobs, you know that Courtney Allison, author of Elance Freelance Writing, is correct in saying ,  “In this day and age, freelance writers stand at the door of opportunity.”
There is a high demand for professional writers which means that your words can make you money. 
Are you ready to begin your career as a professional freelance writer?

Elance Freelance Writing offers comprehensive advice for new and seasoned freelance writers alike.  Let’s take a look at one of the many topics this eBook discusses: portfolios.
Successful freelancers often create their own websites, professional bios, profiles and portfolios.  Creating a stunning portfolio can be challenging as you consider what pieces should be included.  However, the portfolio is a vital part of an Elance freelance contractor’s digital profile.  While other aspects of a profile may grab clients’ attention, the contents of a portfolio will convince them whether or not a freelancer is worth hiring.  Here are a few tips to consider as you work to create your portfolio:

Keep it current.  It is a good idea to regularly upload current portfolio pieces.  This will ensure that potential clients understand the full range of your capabilities as a contractor.
Strive for diversity.  Be sure to display diverse pieces of work in your portfolio.  Though you may want to showcase your strongest style of writing, demonstrating the range of your abilities will prove to potential clients that you can handle a variety of jobs.
Build your portfolio with “Mock” work.  If you are new to Elance or freelancing, you may not have any “display” pieces.  You can still create a portfolio by uploading pieces that have not been completed for a client.
Share “public property” pieces.  Did you know that individuals can download your portfolio pieces should you make them public on a job site like Elance?  With this in mind, comprise your portfolio with work you don’t mind becoming public property.

Now is the time to launch your freelance writing career.  Go ahead and open the door of opportunity.

Byline:  Jessalynne Madden is the Director of Blog Communications at Cali and Son Communications, a premier blog writing service.  Cali and Son recently published Elance Freelance Writing, a manual for freelance writers who want to create a full-time career on Elance.  

Learn more about it: Elance Freelance Writing.


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