Freelance Job Site: Grab a Writer

I just heard of a brand new freelance job site for writers named Grab a Writer. From what I can tell, they have some active clients hiring freelance writers. The site is a lot like Elance, except there is no bidding. People search the writers’ profiles until they find the person they want, then hire them through the Grab a Writer system.
I think the part I like best about the site is that the writer gets to set their price, the amount of hours they are willing to work and their turn-around time. This helps insure that you don’t get somebody hounding you to do 2000 words for $5.

The part I don’t like about this site is that they try to sell the writer packages. For example, to extend the turn-around time on a project you must purchase a $10 24-Hr. Extension Package that lasts 1 year. Is this how they make their real money? Time will tell. I’ll update when I learn more about this site.
Here is an update on my dealings with Grab a Writer.


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