Extreme Coupoing on TLC


I’m kind-of excited. TLC’s new show is called Extreme Couponing and it shows the secrets of women who get groceries for free or extremely cheap thanks to coupons that they clip from Sunday newspapers and print from websites.

Apparently, one of the women featured in the show gets paid $2 an item for some sale items that she got with coupons. Umm, wow. I’m good, but I’ve never been paid to carry items out of a store.

I used to a part of a couponing club and the leader of the club was able to save at least half of her bill every week. You can read more about how she did it in this in my next post.

The show premieres Wednesday, April 6, 2011. They will show two episodes at 8 & 8:30 PM Central Time. You can check out preview clips from the show at the TLC Extreme Couponing website.

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