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I’m thinking about doing a writing event in my area. Maybe a write-a-thon type thing or a meet local authors type thing. I don’t have the budget to hire an event planner and I’m not sure I can hack it by myself. I mean, I’ve thrown small parties and I planned my wedding, but this is different. Have any of my readers ever used event management software? If so, how does it work? I was unaware that it even existed until today. Apparently there are companies that create this type of software and customize the software to your specific event. It sounds intriguing.

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2 thoughts on “Event Management Software?

  • Kathy Griffin

    Yes, it is true that companies today provide services wherein they create custom-specific apps for event planners in order to help them manage the event well. It can be specific for a type of event, for a planner, for an event, or any such factor.

    They act as a major support system for the event, and play a vital role in doing things as per schedule. Not only does it help during the event, but is crucial at the planning stage and even after the event is over.

    It is a very helpful tool for managing events, be it at a large scale or a small scale. You should try using one such software and see for yourself.