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Today I thought I’d present some extra ways to make money online, other than just article writing.

These are simply companies that usually have the user perform small tasks for predetermined amounts of money. This money gradually adds up and is deposited into a PayPal account or bank account. Here is a list of sites that are legitimate ways to make money online.


MTurk stands for Amazon Mechanical Turk and is run by the Amazon.com. It is a website that provides HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks for users to do for money. Examples of the types of tasks that are listed on MTurk are:

Categorizing products
Finding sentences with proper grammar
Finding information on websites

Each task takes a few seconds and then the user can move on to the next task.
For the inside scoop on MTurk from MTurk members, lurk the Turker’s Nation forum.

Make Money with Art and Photographs with Zazzle.com

People who love to draw, paint or take photographs will enjoy Zazzle for making money online.
At Zazzle, users upload their art and photography and place it on shirts, cards, hats, shoes, umbrellas and more. Each item that the user makes is placed in a customized online store. When items sell from the user’s store, Zazzle gets a cut and the user gets royalties. The user can predetermine how much of a percentage of royalties each sell will bring.

Student of Fortune.com Pays for Answers

The Student of Fortune website offers a place for students to ask questions and get answers. If a user answers a question, they get paid. Users can make around $.25 to over $100 per question.
Here’s how the site works:

A student posts a question to be answered.
Users create answers and provide prices for their answers.
The student chooses the best answer that fits within his price range and the person who gave the winning answer earns the money.

Mahalo Answers Rewards Good Information

Mahalo Answers is another site that pays for answering questions. On this site, users ask questions and other users answer the questions. The user that asked the question then picks the best answer. Questions can have rewards or “tips” attached to them that are awarded to the user who gave the best answer. This can be a good way to make money online for those that love sites like Yahoo Answers.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make Money Online Other Than Writing Articles

  • Knoji

    WoW you work 1-2 hours a day and make $2,000 a month. I work on line 10 hours a day and am not even near that. At least I know, from you, that it can be done. I am plugging away. One site I found is Knoji. It use to be called Factoidz so maybe you have already mentioned it. They pay you to write factual articles. They also have a great question and answer section that people find fun. Anyhow I am going to have to spend more time on your blog to learn how to make more money because I am otherwise out of work and live in a remote area with no jobs.
    Thanks for this blog