homemade china hutch

Dumpster Diving Transformation: Homemade China Hutch

I love finding things on the side of the road or by a dumpster and fixing them up.

My motto:

No treasure shall go to a landfill! Click To Tweet

Years ago, I found this knickknack shelf beside a dumpster. I pulled the broken doors off of it and it stayed like this for a while:

dumpster diving treasure


Then I removed the molding around the top and painted it blue:

dumpster diving find

We used it like that for years, but I wanted a china hutch and decided that my little cabinet would work great. First, I needed to find another shelf that I could stack on top. I found one on my local Facebook swap shop group for $15. See how the curved detail at the top matches the detail at the bottom of my knickknack shelf? Perfect!

homemade china hutch

I refinished them both with a black enamel paint for a nice shine and stacked them. To keep them from tipping, attach the upper shelf to the lower shelf using brackets in the back.

homemade china hutch

I love my homemade china hutch! Here’s how it looks full of collectibles:

homemade china hutch

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