Do Residual Sites Pay Off?

I constantly see writers asking if residual pay sites pay off. I have been a member of eHow, a residual income site, since its inception. This site shows exactly how much money each article makes, so I can see if it was worth my effort. Here’s how it panned out, below. I grouped the articles into how much they’ve earned and no article was placed in more than one category. Remember, each article only took around ten minutes to write.
82 articles made $.05-$4.99
23 articles made $5-$9.99
13 articles made $10-$14.99
17 of my articles made more than $15-$19.99
9 articles made over $50-$99.99
2 articles made over $100-$249.99
1 article made over $250
Total: $2299.77

So was it worth it?
Well, considering that the articles only took around 10 minutes each and I did almost no promotion, yah, I say it was worth it. I still own the rights to the articles, I can place them elsewhere and I’m still earning on those articles, so they will make even more money down the road.
Now that the site isn’t allowing submissions any more, except from Demand Studio writers, I am putting articles I haven’t sold elsewhere on FireHow. I’m told that other writers are having a lot of luck over there.


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