Does Netflix Really Save You Money on Movies?

I’ve had Netflix for more than two years. I’ve been wondering if it’s cheaper to cancel the Netflix and just rent movies through Redbox or on Pay Per View (PPV) through Dish Network. Here’s my math:

  • We usually get two movies a month through Netflix because we’re bad about mailing them back.
  • A Redbox movie costs $1 per rental. That would be $2 per month verses the $10.81 we are paying per month using Netflix. Obviously a better choice.
  • Pay Per View costs $4.99 per movie, or $9.98 for two. That’s cheaper than Netflix, plus PPV has a much more current movie selection than Netflix. 

Now, you may have noticed that I didn’t factor in how many streaming movies we watch through Netflix. I used to watch a lot of movies this way, which made the subscription more than worth it, but lately we just don’t watch that many movies. Plus, they rarely ever have any decent movies available for instant viewing.
So, considering that I can get much more current movies directly through my television provider or much cheaper movies through the Redbox at my local supermarket, it seems like our Netflix subscription needs to go or I need to get better at sending the movies back so that we get more than two per month to make the subscription cost effective.

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