DIY Potato Painting Wall Treatment 21 comments

Today I want to share with you a wall treatment I came up with. As a kid I used to do potato prints on paper to make homemade wrapping paper. Well, now I’m doing it on my walls. Pretty funky cool, huh?

That design was made by: 

  1. Cutting a potato in half, long-wise
  2. Cutting the pieces in half again
  3. Sticking a plastic fork into the back of a potato piece so it is easier to hold
  4. Dipping the potato piece into house paint
  5. Sticking the potato on the wall over and over again

It turned out pretty nice, huh? This is one wall in my living room.

I have also done roller shades with this same painting technique, except that I cut the potato in half instead of in quarters.

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