Demand Media’s eHow Facebook Log-in and Death of the Forums 2 comments

Well, this is a sad month for former eHow writers. Demand Studio Media is closing down the forums and switching to Facebook for logging in. For many that participated in eHow’s forums over the past few years this announcement is really depressing. It is also angering many, since Facebook is known for its many security problems. This article over at WebProNews sums the situation up pretty well: Demand Media’s eHow Faces User Backlash Over Facebook Log-in | WebProNews. 
On the forums there is speculation that this is due to Demand Media’s IPO. We’ll have to wait and see how the backlash from the members affects this move.

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2 thoughts on “Demand Media’s eHow Facebook Log-in and Death of the Forums

  • grendel

    I agree.
    I was very vocal in the comments on eHow which should be disappearing any day now according to them.

    This is a travesty, that there is no import option. Does facebook even have the capability to have the same type of forums?
    I would be one thing if there was another forum coming, but there is not… there is just an iron fist announcing that all forums, all posts, all profiles will be deleted.