Creative Wedding Ideas that I Used at My Wedding

I’m in the mood to talk about weddings today, so this post will be on creative decorations for your wedding, invitation ideas and…stuff. Here are some tips from my own wedding. Yup, the pictures are from my wedding back in 2007.

Wedding Toppers

One of the first decorations that I picked out for my own wedding was what went on top of the cake. I wanted something unusual, not just the average man and wife on top of our cake. There are plenty of sites that offer unusual wedding cake toppers, but unfortunately I didn’t know that. 

So, I ended up buying a topper that looked like a cake with metal flowers growing out of it. It was a good start, but I wasn’t finished. Since our theme was “water” I glued sea shells to the base and threaded blue ribbon in-between the flowers. 

It turned out great!

Wedding Decor

Now, I’d like to talk about our wedding decorations. Our theme was “water” since our wedding was being held in a mansion beside a lake in my home town.I decided that sea glass that matched our water-themed ceremony and reception would be used to decorate, well, almost everything! 

Our unity candle.

I glued sea glass to base of the unity candle, I scattered it on each of the reception tables and it even went on the cake table. 

Another decoration that I used was a candle stand my grandmother gave me. I spiced it up with some shells and ribbon.

The candle holder before adding anything.

Wedding Invitations

I thought I’d share with you the homemade wedding invitations that I made for our wedding.

Basically, I went into Word and opened a new project. I typed out the details and added ampersands (curly symbols that stand for “and”) that were the same color as our wedding colors. I printed the invitations out on special card stock and glued a bedazzled buckle to the top of the invitation and added theme-colored ribbon. Simple!

This can seem like a lot of work if you already have other things going on, but it only took me two hours to complete mine. Give it a try!

Wedding Programs

I’ve been posting a lot about my homemade wedding decorations, so I thought I’d talk about the favorite craft I did for our wedding: the programs! Here’s how I made mine:

  1. I opened a new project in Word.
  2. Then, I divided the work space into two columns. This allows me to print two programs on one piece of card stock. Simply work on your program in one column, then copy and paste it into the second column.
  3. I added clipart to the top and the bottom of the work space. Shells and blue for our water theme, of course!
  4. I typed in the details of our wedding.
  5. What made the invitations really special is that I cut them in an unusual shape and glued ribbon, palm leaf and sea glass to them after I printed them out.

Personalized Napkins

To go along with my posts about things I have made for my wedding, I thought I’d talk a little bit about personalized napkins. I personally didn’t use personalized napkins in my wedding. I remember the first time I saw some, though. I was at my aunt’s 25th wedding anniversary party and I remember how special they looked. They were gold and had their names embossed on them. I would say that getting special napkins is a good idea because they are a great thing for guests to take home and put in their scrapbook. That’s what I did with their napkin. lol

Okay, there are all of the ideas from my wedding and one idea I wished I used.

Do you have any creative wedding decor ideas you would like to share?





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