Content Creation Class for Clever Business Owners

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Don’t be confused. Get help from an expert.

You’ve got a brand. You’ve got a site. Now, you just need content that pulls the two together into a cohesive package. Don’t know how to do that?

I’ve Got Your Back!

I’ve been creating content for brands (like StubHub, Angie’s List, Zappos and more) for almost two decades. I’ll use my experience to teach you the basics that will make your site:


checkmarkStand out from the crowd

Have a cohesive voice consistent with your brand

Provide interesting content that will draw in loyal fans


Now, this isn’t just any content creation class. I don’t just email you generic lesson plans like those other coaches. No sir!

You get one-on-one help that will identify your brand’s unique voice, helpful critiques, real answers to your questions and so much more.


future content creator
Yah, I’m talking to you, future content creator!

Hey You! Is This the Content Creation Class for You?

This is a class for those who don’t want to pay someone else to create their content. They want to do it themselves and they want it to be fantastic. If you’re the hands-on type, then sign up now.

What are you waiting for?

Contact me to sign up!

4 Week Content Creation for Brands Class

thumbs upYour $299 sign up fee includes:

-Brand consultation

-Lessons to hone your voice

-Insider tricks of the trade to make your content draw attention

Are you ready to be awesome?

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