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source Are you still watching TV and listening to music in the same old way? Or are you tired of always tidying up the spaghetti wiring caused by your TV, Blu-ray player, laptop and everything else we use for watching movies, listening to music and playing games? If so, read on. i’m going to show you how you can build a simple media center for your entertainment needs, for less than a price of a used TV.  Choosing the entertainment hardware First of all, have a think about what sort of hardware you want to use as the foundation of your […]

Everything You Need To Create An Entertainment Center For Your Home

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After the world sighed a breath of relief after the whole Y2K thing, everyone re-embraced shiny gadgets and the wonders of online browsing. Tech has since rocketed past anything ever imagined. There’s still some things we miss from the 2000s, though, even though they were less than amazeballs, even back then. Creative Commons Photo  1.      Chat Rooms They took forever to log into and you never really knew who you were talking to. Plus, there was always the chance you weren’t talking to 14-year-old Annie in Ohio and were actually talking to 40-year-old Andy from Orlando. Today, most chat rooms […]

Annoying 2000s Tech We Kinda Miss