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    Never Give Up! Or Maybe Your Should

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinA few years ago, there was a lot of buzz about Copyblogger quitting Facebook. The general consensus about the situation is that Copyblogger gave up way too easily. (If you want to read some commentary, take a look at “What Copyblogger Could have Done with Its Facebook Page” by Jon Loomer. The comment section is…well, go look for yourself.) I understand wanting to move on. I recently sold a website I created for a nice tidy profit. I loved the site, but wanted to concentrate on other aspects of my business. I imagine that’s how Copyblogger felt about Facebook. It was obvious they had a lot of followers, but they just…

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    Attention Getting Tips for Your Brand from 3 Experts

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinMy goal is to get eyes on my client’s brand. I got to wondering how other marketers do the same. So, I sent out a call to people in the industry for their best tips. Here are some great lessons from three experts. Get Shocking This is the very first response I got: Subject: I STOLE YOUR DOG Alina, I didn’t really steal your dog. In fact I don’t even know if you have a dog. But I did see your post on Profnet about getting the attention of people for your blog, website or marketing purposes and I felt that this use of a subject line (which is…

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    ​Steal this trick to get more Twitter followers

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinSocial media marketers use this trick and you can too. Having a legion of Twitter followers is a status symbol, but it’s also a way people morph themselves from mere individuals to influencers and tastemakers. Many of the people with massive followings you see on Twitter didn’t get them organically. They either purchased followers, which I don’t recommend, or they used the “follow for followers” method. You can do the later to boost your following without any money. A little disclosure: I’m a social media manager for some of my clients. Not only have I been behind the scenes of brand accounts, but I’ve also attended many social media…

  • How to deal with online trolls
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    What to Do When You Have Haters

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinHow to deal with online trolls without losing your cool. They say that you know you’ve hit the big time when you have haters. No matter how good you are or how eloquent you are, you’re going to have some hateful comments on your website or social media content. It happens. Some people have nothing better to do than to be negative. For example, I wrote an article for CNET about unusual things you can wash in the dishwasher. People got irate, to say the least. I was dumbfounded. It was an article about washing objects like kids toys in the dishwasher for Pete’s sake. Someone on Twitter said that…