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In response to my CNET article This trick makes a cheap bottle taste like premium vodka, Tom had this to say: You did quite well on this initial review. Kudos to your tastes buds as well. I’ve been in the spirits business over 26 years (now retired) and can provide some added input to your study. As you know vodka by federal definition must be odorless, tasteless and colorless. So how does one differentiate brands, essentially so similar? Especially  premium brands that have to justify higher pricing?   It starts with the visuals like artisan packaging for one; the livery look […]

Some Thoughts on Vodka and Taste

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Stumped about what to get mom for Mother’s Day this year? These stats might help. Here’s where people are buyin mom presents and what they’re getting. Please enjoy this guest post by  Christina Lavingia Do you remember the first Mother’s Day gift you created with your own two hands? Mine was a potted plant. I can still picture the oddly shaped bugs and smiling suns, drawn in Sharpie, decorating the small clay pot — just as I can remember my mother’s face radiating pure delight at the simple gesture. As children, we lack the awareness to fully appreciate all the […]

How Americans Celebrate Mother’s Day, in 5 Charts

I like Walmart because I save a lot of money on groceries there. I hear a lot of people say they’d shop at Walmart if it wasn’t for their terrible produce.Most of the time my produce is fresh, but then at other times it’s goo city. Don’t waste money on goo! Walmart has a policy that it will refund your money as long as you bring them a receipt. Yah, I just learned that!While we’re talking about this particular store, check out their website’s Value of the Day page to find great deals. They post a different deal every day.

Don’t Pay for Rotten Fruit at Walmart

  Want to make money shopping? Well watch out my lovelies! Many of my readers have probably heard of secret shopping and would like to know more, so I thought it would be good to alert them to a scam that is going around. You sign up as a secret shopper, the guy, James Martins, sends you a check and this email, below. Of course, the check bounces and your account gets in the hole. I didn’t cash the check he sent me, so don’t worry. There were too many warning signs. If you look very closely at these checks in […]

James Martins Secret Shopper Scam

    Most people think that coupons are for tightwads and that they don’t save that much money. Well, on a recent shopping trip, every single member of my coupon club saved half –off their grocery bill. This isn’t just a onetime fluke, either. Here are some examples of our savings: 5 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer for free. 3 boxes of Duncan Hines Brownie mix for 45 cents a box. Suave shampoo for 50 cents a bottle. 1 package of Healthy Ones lunchmeat for free. By now you should be saying, “Wow! I want to join a coupon club […]

Coupon Club Basics: Save Money, Help Others & Have a Blast!

An Interview with Pat Veretto, Former Guide to Frugal LivingBy Alina Bradford Photo by Rachel Grandinetti DM: What are your favorite buys at a thrift store? Pat: Clothing and kitchen paraphernalia are the two things I look for. I don’t buy many clothes, but when I find just the right style in just the right color, in the size and price that I want, it’s a real thrill. Retail shopping can’t hold a candle to thrift store shopping when it comes to variety! And kitchen things hold their own fascination. Who can resist a full set of 50’s style […]

How To Shop at Thrift Stores

Tiffany, Extreme Couponing, TLC So I watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing last night with a pen and notebook so that I could share all of the great tips from the show. Here are the best: Tip from Tiffany, left, who got $1101 worth of groceries for $49.92: Always call ahead to make sure that the store’s coupon policies haven’t changes since your last visit. This can save you a lot of money and aggravation. Couponing tip from Rebecca, who paid $25.91 for $562.81 worth of groceries: Use coupon databases online that will automatically match your coupons to sales at grocery stores. This saves a […]

Some Coupon Tips From TLC’s Extreme Couponing