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You’ve probably seen job ads looking for writers that know SEO. If you don’t know what those three letters mean, don’t worry. I’m here to help! SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which, in a nutshell, means anything that helps a search engine find an article and rank it on the first page of search results. Go to Google and search for your favorite topic. See the first result? That article has excellent SEO. So, how do you get these magical results? Well, only so much of it is in the hands of the writer. A lot of […]

What is SEO: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers

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If you’ve read anything about content marketing lately, you’ve probably seen it: article after article proclaiming that the new SEO tactic is filling your site with content that your readers will love. They are 100% right, but what is high-quality content? You probably think you’ve been posting quality content all along. It may not be stellar, but you think that it does the job, right? The problem is you need to be more than adequate to secure a spot in search engine results. Even more important than SEO, you want people to share your articles and blog posts. You don’t […]

How Do You Create High-Quality Content?

Don't keyword stuff!
Throughout the 18 years that I have created content for businesses, I have heard the same requests from clients over and over: Put these three keywords in the text at least five times. Or These keywords MUST be used twice in the opening paragraph, once in the middle and once at the end of the article. Or This list of 30 keywords must appear at least once in the article. If you’ve been guilty of saying this to a content creator or have committed these travesties to your own content you need to hang your head in shame. Once upon […]

You’re Thinking Too Much About Keywords

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So you want your site to rise in pagerank. You want visitors to truly love your articles and blogs posts. You want them to share everything you post. You want to build a following that boosts your business. Well, don’t just sit there. Let’s get started! Day 1 Today is all about building the foundation. Start by brain dumping every post idea you can think of into a notebook. There are no stupid ideas, but make sure you stay on topic. If your site is about bathroom products don’t write down post ideas that revolve around gardening, for example. Need […]

Take My 30 Day Content Challenge

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Ah, hell is not reserved for the afterlife if you are a site owner that’s displeased Google. Hell lies right in your website analytics. One day you’re swimming along with plenty of site visitors pouring in from Google searches and the next day poof they’re gone. I’ve seen this happen time and time again to businesses, especially after the Panda algorithm change. They lose a major amount of traffic and lose their sales. Google doesn’t send everyone to the deepest circle of hell, though. There are six circles reserved for people who displease the Google bots. The seven circles of […]

The Six Circles of Google Hell and How to Pull Your Site from the Fiery Depths   Recently updated !

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The other day I was reading Jeff Bullas’ article on the newest SEO trends for 2016 and one thing stood out above all the rest: voice search. I use Google voice search on my mobile phone constantly. I bet you’ve never considered optimizing specifically for voice search. Google and other search engines look for different things when doing voice searches as opposed to a typed search. This can mean some big things for your website. What Voice Searches Look For in Content Remember in English class when you learned the five Ws? If English class was a long time ago […]

Big SEO Change for 2016? Voice Search

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Recently, Search Engine Land released its Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. This table consists of 37 factors that you need to create the ultimate SEO cocktail in 2015. Here’s a look at the table, then I’ll jump into each element and what it means. Breaking Down the Elements of Fantastic SEO Here the 37 elements of great SEO. I’m going to break each one down and tell you why they matter to your site. SEO Elements in Content To start off with, you always want to use great content. I’m a content specialist. Trust me on this one. Here are […]

Get Your SEO on Point with 37 Must-Have Ingredients   Recently updated !

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Here is a  list of my top 10 articles on creating website content that rocks. 22 Ways to Create Fresh Content for Your Site How Do You Create High-Quality Content? Take My 30 Day Content Challenge You’re Thinking Too Much About Keywords The Saga of Bogus SEO and Optimization Tactics How to Edit Your Site Copy: Commas, Quotation Marks and Semicolons New SEO Tips That Will Give Your Site Google Mojo Are You a Sex and the City Writer or a Dragnet Blogger? Spring Clean Your Website and Make it Shine Don’t Create Generic Content Here are some bonus videos […]

15 Tutorials for Creating Amazing Website Content

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There has been a lot of buzz about how social media accounts affect the SEO of a brand’s website. The 2013 Moz Search Ranking Factors study has already concluded that pages with Google+1, Facebook likes, tweets, and comments rank better than sites that don’t. That’s not what I’m out to prove, though. I want to prove that by simply having posts that link to your site on social media search engines will send more traffic your way. In 2014, Matt Cutts said that search engines don’t care about social media, but still, I wondered… Flashback: Posting fresh content isn’t supposed to […]

Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Every Monday I let you take a peek at what I’m reading. Here’s another installment of What to Read this Week. This week I’m loving me some free stuff and I’m sharing some great articles on increasing your site traffic, using video and some reasons to rethink ads. Free Stock Photos Okay, so you really don’t read stock photos, but I thought I would share with you some freebies that were offered this past week. Hubspot is giving away 750 free stock photos that are perfect for blog posts and websites. All you need to do is fill out their form. Why […]

What to Read this Week: March 16-22, Free Stuff, Increasing your Site Traffic and More

Every Monday, I will share with you some of the best marketing, content and business articles on the web. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today I think a lot of people have gone overboard with tracking, so I love seeing articles like this one by Rachel Sprung. Email opens, Facebook likes, ad impressions, blog comments and the like don’t really tell you if you are succeeding at your marketing goals. Top 15 FREE Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Online Business Nothing is better than free, especially when you are trying […]

What to Read this Week: March 2-8, 2015

stop talking about page views
  Usually, when you ask someone how their site is doing, they will say, “Oh, it’s doing great! I’m getting (fill in the blank) page views!” That doesn’t really answer your question, does it? But you probably do the same thing when someone asks about your site. Let’s get one thing straight. Large page view numbers doesn’t ensure that you sale a lot of product. It doesn’t guarantee ad clicks. The only thing it really helps is to sale ads to companies. If that isn’t your focus, then you shouldn’t try so hard to increase your page views. You can […]

Page Views Don’t Define Your Site

If you are concerned about Google’s algorithms and how they penalize sites, then I’ve found a great article I think you’ll be interested in. I just read Douglas Idugboe’s article “How Google Panda And Penguin Are Affecting The Web.” It is chock full of goodness if you are building your own website or writing SEO articles for other’s sites.

Google Panda and Penguin Tips

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Okay, I want to shout it from the rooftops: Most of your SEO and optimization tactics are hugely, utterly wrong! I have talked with many website owners over the years, and it seems like they all have been drinking the same content Kool-Aid. You can’t blame them for believing horrible optimization tactics. They were just hungry for some search engine love. It’s time to end the madness, though. Cutts Says Cut it Out with the Article Directories First, don’t use article directories to build links. Oh, I’ve known so many people that have wandered into this trap…and then Google gave […]

The Saga of Bogus SEO and Optimization Tactics

Edit Your Site Copy Creating good copy is important to a writer like myself. It should be important to business owners, too. Copy full of errors looks unprofessional and can really turn off potential customers. You don’t want to be lumped in with the scam sites! Emails, blogs, and chat rooms encourage speed over accuracy, lulling business owners into the feeling that close is good enough.  If you plan on being successful, though, almost isn’t good enough. Here are some tips to help you get closer to perfection. When to Use Commas One of the most common problems even more skilled […]

How to Edit Your Site Copy: Commas, Quotation Marks and Semicolons

So your site was hit by Panda. Then it was hit by Penguin. Then, Hummingbird came along. Don’t worry, all is not lost, my friend. It’s just that the old SEO techniques that you’ve used over the past few years need to be thrown out the window and replaced with ones that work after these three major algorithms changes. The beautiful part about new SEO is that the changes will make your site look more professional and they will be more likely to weather new Google algorithms. Go Long! For years, people have been saying, “Only post content that is […]

New SEO Tips That Will Give Your Site Google Mojo