Want to make money shopping? Well watch out my lovelies!┬áMany of my readers have probably heard of secret shopping and would like to know more, so I thought it would be good to alert them to a scam that is going around. You sign up as a secret shopper, the guy, James Martins, sends you a check and this email, below. Of course, the check bounces and your account gets in the hole. I didn’t cash the check he sent me, so don’t worry. There were too many warning signs. If you look very closely at these checks in […]

James Martins Secret Shopper Scam

Watch out for a scammer named Spatan Kelvin, aka, aka, if you use Craigslist. I was just contacted by him. Here is the email: Hello Thanks for getting back to me.. and I am sorry for getting back to youso late.. My name is Sharon Kelvin I’m 25 yrs old.(FEMALE). I Am aNative of Usa…Born Delaware. I’m fun loving,clean, caring and arespective of others. am very okay with the description as stated in your advert, i am a workingclass, i work as an evaluator for one of our local recruiting organization,So I Will Like To Be Your roomie Throughout […]

Spatan Kelvin Scammer

Here is another scam you all should be aware of. I got an email this morning offering me a job and I decided to do a little research on it before I replied. Turns out, many people have gotten this email and at least one person has been the victim of fraud. According to the person on this forum, she handed over copies of her identification and the scammers used it. Now, there is a legit company named Titan Escrow Group Inc., but they have nothing to do with this scam as far as I can tell. They are located […]

Titan Escrow Group Inc. Scam