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how to live green and save money
Picture Credit There are so many resources online for how to be frugal nowadays that it can be hard to know where to start. It’s all a bit overwhelming; everywhere you turn there are money-saving tips and things that you can do around your home to reduce household costs. But just how many of these do you take on board? Surely if we were to adopt every single one of them then we’d all be very rich people, but it just doesn’t seem to be the way. Some things won’t suit our lifestyle, some are unrealistic and others are just […]

Frugal Savvy is Money Happy…Plus it’s Good for the Environment

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In response to my CNET article This trick makes a cheap bottle taste like premium vodka, Tom had this to say: You did quite well on this initial review. Kudos to your tastes buds as well. I’ve been in the spirits business over 26 years (now retired) and can provide some added input to your study. As you know vodka by federal definition must be odorless, tasteless and colorless. So how does one differentiate brands, essentially so similar? Especially  premium brands that have to justify higher pricing?   It starts with the visuals like artisan packaging for one; the livery look […]

Some Thoughts on Vodka and Taste

gift basket for kids
Gift baskets are a great gift to pamper the people on a Christmas or birthday gift list. Store bought gift baskets can be expensive, though. It is easy to make gift baskets at home for less, though, and it can be fun! Getting Started The average homemade gift basket will cost around ten dollars, making it a really perfect gift to give for the budget conscious. The first item required for making gift baskets it the basket, of course. The conscious shopper can find some really nice baskets at thrift stores for as little as 50 cents a piece. Shoppers […]

Over 40 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Summer’s here and you know what that means! Shorts, tanks and tees. I don’t like to have ghost white skin, but I also don’t like to tan. Cancer and sunburns aren’t very attractive. Self-tanning serums are a great alternative, but they can be expensive. Then, I saw a post on Pinterest that said you could make your own. I decided to give it a try. All you need to do is mix 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1/2 cup of mineral oil. Once it is mixed, you can rub it on your skin. Not only does it make your skin darker, […]

All-Natural Homemade Self-Tanning Lotion

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Originally published April 16, 2014 The wall in my dining room was boring when you compared it to the rest of my home. I had to do something with it. I’ve always like the look of old, vintage prints. I remember my grandma had a tea pitcher with vintage ads printed on it. I loved looking at it while drinking a tall glass of sweet tea (Oklahoma, yall!). A few years ago, I rescued this old book from a 100-year-old farmhouse that was being torn down. (I got this cabinet in the same house!) Here’s my hubby tearing down the […]

Awesome Inexpensive Vintage Wallpaper Using Books

So, I’ve been seeing all of these tutorials on contouring that uses five different foundation colors, highlighters and all this other stuff. That’s expensive and takes way too long. So, I decided to do a little tutorial on how to contour your face using only bronzing powder. Since I am a plus sized lady, there is also a tip in there about hiding a double chin. Enjoy!

How to Contour Using Only Bronzer

I’m in the mood to talk about weddings today, so this post will be on creative decorations for your wedding, invitation ideas and…stuff. Here are some tips from my own wedding. Yup, the pictures are from my wedding back in 2007. Wedding Toppers One of the first decorations that I picked out for my own wedding was what went on top of the cake. I wanted something unusual, not just the average man and wife on top of our cake. There are plenty of sites that offer unusual wedding cake toppers, but unfortunately I didn’t know that.  So, I ended up buying […]

Creative Wedding Ideas that I Used at My Wedding

  I used to be a seasonal clothes shopper. Every time a new season came around I would head to the department store and buy what I would need to fit the forthcoming temperature. Little did I realize that you can make most clothing overlap into another season without looking silly or being uncomfortable. It really saves money on clothing!Take a Look at What You GotFirst, you need to take stock in what you already have in your closet. More than likely you have an assortment of t-shirts, tanktops, sleeveless shirts, sweaters, etc. Put each item in what you think […]

Rock Your Wardrobe No Matter the Month!

I like Walmart because I save a lot of money on groceries there. I hear a lot of people say they’d shop at Walmart if it wasn’t for their terrible produce.Most of the time my produce is fresh, but then at other times it’s goo city. Don’t waste money on goo! Walmart has a policy that it will refund your money as long as you bring them a receipt. Yah, I just learned that!While we’re talking about this particular store, check out their website’s Value of the Day page to find great deals. They post a different deal every day.

Don’t Pay for Rotten Fruit at Walmart

  Recycling clothing in the form of hand-me-downs comes with a lot of problems. Who hasn’t had a hand-me-down melt-down? You are frantically trying to get your kids ready for school when your youngest yells, “I can’t wear this! This was (insert the name of older child here) shirt!” For parents of two or more children, the struggle is inevitable. How do you get a child to wear hand-me-downs without a major face off?Most parents realize hand-me-downs are a great way for parents to save money, but most kids don’t know this. “If money dictates you start using hand-me-downs, then explain […]

How to Get Kids to Wear Hand-Me-Downs and Save the Earth

    I am big on finding trash on the side of the road and turning it into something nice. Well, I found a huge nicknack shelf on the side of the road. It looked like a dog had taken big bites out of it, so I had to putty, paint, and tighten the whole thing. I think it turned out nice. Go through the pictures in the slide show to watch how I fixed it up.

Dumpster Diving Shelf Redo

I drink wine and think the bottles are so pretty. I have rows of colored glass bottles in my living room windows (take a look, below), but I wanted to go a step further.I saw a liquid soap dispenser on Pinterest made from a Jack Daniels bottle and figured I could do the same with a wine bottle. I picked a pretty green one and topped it with a pump saved from an old bottle of lotion. Here is how to make the Bottle Top Mirror.

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser Craft

I am challenging myself to spend less than $100 per week on groceries. I have a family of four and various freinds and neighbors that come over for random meals. Can I do it? Here is my three week diary! Spending Less on Groceries: Week One On my first week, I didn’t do so fantastic. I spent $115.35. I went a little over, but in my defense, we were out of almost everything and I got tons of stuff. In fact, I got 42 items. Several of these items weren’t food and included bathroom supplies, so I didn’t do too […]

3 Week Challenge: Feeding a Family on Less than $100

On the show Extreme Couponing, you see people hording masses of products. They generally call this their “stockpile.” This mass of goods is a fantastic way to weather economical hardships.The problem with this is that most people will never even try it because, well, we don’t want to become extreme couponers. Umm, it takes way too much time! Am I right?I have a solution. I’ve used this technique to build my own stockpile for times when the money was scarce in-between paychecks. Every time you go shopping, buy something you don’t need, but will eventually use. Make sure that the extra item is a product […]

How to Make a Grocery & Home Goods Stockpile the Smart Way

I love to pamper my two girls with girly things like earrings, barrettes, hair feathers, etc. These items can be pretty pricey, though. That’s why I take advantage of Claire’s dot sales. With these sales you can get any item that has a colored dot sticker on it for $1 as long as the item was originally priced under $5.99. Here’s what we got on our last trip:  

Claire’s Dot Sales Save You Money on Girly Things

I was poppin’ tags today. I got 17 items for $49. That included a really cute skirt, a bunch of shirts for me and 10 pairs of shorts for my girls. No I didn’t drive all over town. The only thrift store I visited was Goodwill. My best tip for shopping there is to find out what color tag is half-off that day before shopping. I got three brand new tees half-off because they had a blue tag. The tag color usually changes from week to week, so if you don’t see a sign on the door telling you which tag represents […]

Poppin’ Tags at Goodwill

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I decided to give my bathroom a makeover last week. I think it went really well. I painted the walls a tropical blue, first. Then, I mixed the wall color with a little white and painted a 100-year-old kitchen cabinet we had salvaged from an old house. This cabinet slides in against the wall for storage. Without the cabinet there would be no storage at all in my little bathroom. (In our house there is a girl’s bathroom and a guy’s bathroom. This is the girl’s.) I think my crowning pride and joy is my mirror makeover. Back before we […]

Bathroom Makeover: Bottle Cap Mirror Redo and More

Today I want to share with you a wall treatment I came up with. As a kid I used to do potato prints on paper to make homemade wrapping paper. Well, now I’m doing it on my walls. Pretty funky cool, huh?That design was made by:  Cutting a potato in half, long-wise Cutting the pieces in half again Sticking a plastic fork into the back of a potato piece so it is easier to hold Dipping the potato piece into house paint Sticking the potato on the wall over and over again It turned out pretty nice, huh? This is one wall in my […]

DIY Potato Painting Wall Treatment

I saw an ad on Facebook for and boy am I glad I did! I saved 83% on a down alternative king size comforter for my bed. Just in time, too, since my current comforter is falling apart. I saved a total of $163 and paid only $36. Shipping for your first order is free, so I didn’t even need to pay for that! Don’t believe me? Here is my receipt, above to prove it! 

Save Up to 85% on Homegoods: My $36 Down Alternative Comforter from NoMoreRack

DIY Lampshade 63 comments
This is a super quick craft for anyone that wants to change an old lampshade in a snap. My daughter grew out of this beautiful skirt, but I couldn’t give it away. I noticed that it is about the same size as the lampshade on my floor lamp and it color coordinated with my living room. Hahza!All I did was run a bead of hot glue around the top of the shade’s frame (I didn’t remove the old fabric) and then stuck the waistband to the frame. The skirt was a little bigger than the frame, so I pinched the waistband every […]

Amazeballs Lampshade DIY Using a Skirt

My last post was about how to get free stuff for watching TV. Today I am going to tell you how to get free TV. If you are a Suddenlink user, you can get $25 credit on your account for each friend you refer to Suddenlink and they get a $25 credit too! Here’s how it works: Log into My Account Select Refer-A-Friend Submit your referral’s contact information You’ll be emailed a referral code that your friend can use when they sign up so you get credit for them signing up.

How to Get Free TV

    Most people think that coupons are for tightwads and that they don’t save that much money. Well, on a recent shopping trip, every single member of my coupon club saved half –off their grocery bill. This isn’t just a onetime fluke, either. Here are some examples of our savings: 5 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer for free. 3 boxes of Duncan Hines Brownie mix for 45 cents a box. Suave shampoo for 50 cents a bottle. 1 package of Healthy Ones lunchmeat for free. By now you should be saying, “Wow! I want to join a coupon club […]

Coupon Club Basics: Save Money, Help Others & Have a Blast!

If you like to watch TV and ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I wish I could make a living watching television,” then have I got the app for you! Viggle is an app that you can download to your phone. When you watch TV, you turn on the app and it listens to your show. At the end of the show, the app gives you points for watching. You get one point for each minute of the show. So, for example, if you watched an hour long television show you would get 60 points. You also get extra points from playing quizzes, […]

Get Free Stuff By Watching TV

I have gotten two free tubs of cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s and a lot of other free food.How do I do it?I’m a member of Papa Murphy’s eClub. They sent me a printable coupon for free cookie dough on my birthday and they sent me one for Christmas. All I had to do was buy a large pizza at regular price, which I do anyway. Cha Ching! All you have to do to get your own cookie dough is to join their eClub.They will also send you coupons that will save you $2 to $3 per pizza. They don’t send out many emails, so […]

Free Cookie Dough Coupon

  One of my favorite stores to shop at is Factory Connection. There are a  few reasons why: They have plus sized clothing that doesn’t look like it belongs on my grandmother. They have low prices and sales that cant be beat. They have funky shoes that you can’t find in other stores. They have men’s clothes, too. During the spring, my husband and I happened to walk past our local Factory Connection. They were having a sidewalk sale, like they do every week to get rid of inventory. I got a wool coat for $1!!! My husband got a […]

Factory Connection Saves You Big Bucks on Plus Size Fashion

I just have to brag on this steal I got at JCPenny. I was on the hunt for a cute dress for my daughter to wear to my husband’s military graduation. I found this dress on the clearance rack. It was originally marked $49.99 but I got it for $9.97 before taxes. That’s a savings of $40.02! See, you can get really cute, in-season clothes on the clearance rack. I found this one within five or ten minutes. If you want these kinds of savings, good news! is having a customer appreciation sale with 30%-70% off their regular prices. Also, shipping is free on orders over $65 or more when […]

JCPenny Clearance Steal