Outdoor Decorating

Today, let’s go outside for our craft. I love pallet crafts, so I asked my husband to bring me some home from work. He brought a whole stack! The little spaces in-between the slats gave me an idea. What if I made a garden plot from the pallets? So that’s just what I did.First, I laid down a layer of old carpet on the ground to prevent weeds. Then, I laid the pallets on top of the carpet, making sure that there was a ¬†walkway in-between each one.Finally, I filled the spaces between the slats on the pallet with soil […]

How to Make a Garden from Pallets

If you’re like me, you have tons of magazines laying around. Girl, that just doesn’t work for me! I was tired of the clutter, so I decided to whip it up into fabulous home decor.¬†My mom gave me some fantastic vintage wallpaper scraps, so I used that and a cereal box to make a magazine holder. What You Need: Cereal box Scissors Marker Wallpaper scraps Hot glue Here is what to do: Cut the flaps off of the box. Draw a line diagonally from one of the top corners to halfway down the box on both sides. Cut the box […]

Cereal Box Magazine Holder Craft