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We all have some regrets, don’t we? We wished we spent more time with the children when they were younger, or we wished we started exercising before it got to the point where fighting the fat became a full-scale war, and we always need to fix up almost all of the rooms in the house! But things stand in the way, and it’s not just an excuse anymore. It’s a fact of life that we never can find the time to make little improvements on our lifestyles the way people used to. There are so many difficulties that can crop […]

Living Life To The Max With Minimal Time

The prospect of redecorating a home is often a daunting task; especially when you live in an old property which seems worn through to its very core. I know, my home is almost 100 years old. However, even the most outdated and worn interior can be redesigned to perfection. The key is to tackle the project step-by-step and room-by-room. Your home can shine again, but it requires patience and an understanding that you might need to completely overhaul some of the old, damaging aspects of your house. Picture Source The key to an interior design which lights you up inside […]

Interior Design: Make Your Home Shine

Some chemicals and compounds we thought were harmless way back when can actually cause a range of serious health issues. While this has led to tighter regulations in food and household product standards, there are many harmful chemicals that are still found around the home. Here are a few you need to keep an eye on… Pesticides While this one may seem like a no-brainer, be sure to be responsible with pesticide use. Commonly sprayed on lawns and around the house to get rid of infestations, they can often seep into the groundwater supply or simply be absorbed through breathing and pores […]

Have A Healthy Home: Cutting Out Dangerous Chemicals

Flickr We’re pushing our way through 2017, and most of us are wondering where the first couple of months have gone. You made lots of resolutions eight weeks ago, but you probably haven’t put them into practice. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to give up and wait another ten months to repeat the process. You can still turn this year around and improve your life in many different ways. Just for fun, I wrote this post to offer some suggestions and advice. Regardless of your situation, there should be something for everyone on this page. At the end of […]

Give Yourself A Fresh Start – 6 Ideas To Improve Your Life

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Your home should be a place of calm retreat, somewhere you can relax and really enjoy your surroundings. But if your decor is leaving you a little uninspired and you fancy a refresh, there’s no need to fret if you don’t have a huge budget. There’s plenty you can do to completely overhaul the look which won’t cost the earth. Sourced from Clean and Declutter Cleaning and decluttering costs nothing, but could dramatically revamp your house. Get rid of what you no longer need and use and make space. Thoroughly clean and scrub every surface. It’s sure to look […]

Spruce Up Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

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Spring is always a good time to clean. It’s starting to get warmer, and you can take care of anything you neglected in the winter. Any changing of the seasons can prompt you to start straightening up your home. But while there are some tasks you will easily remember to do, there are some that you might not think of so easily. When you’re planning your big spring clean this year, don’t forget about these essential tasks. Clear Out Storage Spaces A lot of stuff gets stored away during the winter. You don’t need your summer clothes, and perhaps you […]

Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can’t Miss

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We all have one room in the home that we barely use. In fact, it can often become a junk room full of old stuff. But you could be wasting space which could be rather useful for your family. And the best thing about it is you could easily turn it into something useful in a couple of steps. You just need to put your DIY hat on! Here are some ideas to turn your spare room into something marvelous! Make it into a playroom for your kids A lot of families find they end up with their kid’s toys […]

Ideas To Turn Your Spare Room Into Something Marvelous!

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Buying a house is probably the most expensive and significant investment you’ll make. It’s a prized asset, which you hope will appreciate with time. When you invest in bricks and mortar, it’s always a good idea to look for potential. If you can add value, you’ll boost your balance when it comes to selling. If you’re thinking about doing some remodeling or revamping, or you’d like to try and increase the value of your home over the coming years, here are some of the most worthwhile renovations. Image source: Adding a conservatory Conservatories are an excellent way of adding […]

Boost Your Balance With These Home Renovations

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Want to make cleaning your home easier? I have the hacks you need! Check out some of my latest articles: This simple hack can keep a hard-to-reach spot in your kitchen clean with just aluminum foil. Here are 10 unexpected things you can wash in the washing machine. Even better, there are 20 unexpected things you can clean in the dishwasher. I got a lot of heat on this one. I promise, all of these ideas are safe! Did you know that there are 10 things you should never use vinegar to clean? It’s true! Don’t use laundry detergent on hand-wash […]

56 Home Hacks You Need to Make Your Life Better

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After the world sighed a breath of relief after the whole Y2K thing, everyone re-embraced shiny gadgets and the wonders of online browsing. Tech has since rocketed past anything ever imagined. There’s still some things we miss from the 2000s, though, even though they were less than amazeballs, even back then. Creative Commons Photo  1.      Chat Rooms They took forever to log into and you never really knew who you were talking to. Plus, there was always the chance you weren’t talking to 14-year-old Annie in Ohio and were actually talking to 40-year-old Andy from Orlando. Today, most chat rooms […]

Annoying 2000s Tech We Kinda Miss

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The thought of intense pulse light hair removal had me a bit worried. Using intense pulse light (IPL) technology at home seemed a bit dangerous, especially for a klutz like me. The lure of never needing to shave again overcame my worries, though. What is Light Pulse Hair Removal? The science behind IPL hair removal is simple. An IPL device shoots multiple wavelengths of light, between 500 and 1,200 nanometres, into the skin. The light gets absorbed by the pigments in the hair, heats it, and destroys the cells that causes the hair to grow. For the treatment to work, […]

My 6 Weeks Trying Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal System