Yesterday, I saved 33% off my grocery bill by combining coupons and buy 10 sales. Our local Krogers was have a huge 10 Mega Event sale where you saved an automatic $5 extra when you bought 10 products with your store card.This is a great time to use those coupons that require you to buy more than one product. For example, Kleenex was one of the items on sale. After the automatic $5 was taken off, each box of tissue was $.99. I had two Kleenex coupons that required you to buy three boxes to get $.50 off. So, if […]

Saving with Buy 10 Sales

I just wanted to make an update to my last post about cost cutting by shopping at Kroger grocery stores. Yesterday I went shopping and saved $25.50, bring my total down from $88.14 to $62.64.I did this without any coupons and without buying any clearance items. I simply used my customer rewards card and took advantage for their buy one, get one free sale on multivitamins. I got two multivitamins for me and two jars of gummy vitamins for my kids.On top of that, I earned 61 points toward my fuel savings (see previous post for details).See, you can save money without clipping coupons or searching for sales. 😉

Kroger Savings Update: Get Free Vitamins

My Kroger grocery store just added a gas station a while back and I love it. Why? for every $1 I spend on groceries I get a gas savings point. When I accumulate 100 points I get 3 cents per gallon off my next fillup at the Kroger gas station if I use my Kroger Plus Shoppers Card. Besides that, Kroger doubles coupons and their website provides over $200 worth of printable coupons. Their website also tracks the savings that you got with your shopper card, keeps track of your fuel points, sends you coupons and sale items to your email […]

Save Money on Gas and More at Kroger