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The prospect of redecorating a home is often a daunting task; especially when you live in an old property which seems worn through to its very core. I know, my home is almost 100 years old. However, even the most outdated and worn interior can be redesigned to perfection. The key is to tackle the project step-by-step and room-by-room. Your home can shine again, but it requires patience and an understanding that you might need to completely overhaul some of the old, damaging aspects of your house. Picture Source The key to an interior design which lights you up inside […]

Interior Design: Make Your Home Shine

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My best friend and I are constantly in the process of redecorating our homes. I understand that some people don’t constantly live in a flux of new furnishings and paint colors like us, though. Choosing to redecorate your home is an exciting time, and one that can reflect your personality in so many ways. Not only will you be showing how flair and style in how you choose to do up your house, but how you go about it can be interpreted by others, too. Whether you’re employing somebody to do the work for you, both in design and execution, […]

D.E.R – The Three Stages of Redecoration

When you’re searching online for ways to style your home, there are very few articles that relate to your home looking good on the outside. When we think of home styling we often just think about the rooms in our home and living areas. But we need to start remembering to treat the outside of our home, and our yard or garden, as an important part of the home. It should be treated like a room in the home too. So if you feel like you have been neglecting that extra room for a while, then here are some ideas […]

How To Make The Outside Of Your Home Look Just As Good As The Inside

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Apparently, Kermit was wrong because it is easy being green. At least, it is these days, and there’s lots of ways to make your home a haven of renewable energy savings.  Picture Source Windows You can keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by upgrading the windows. If you live in an older home, you might still be using single glazing, and that’s a mistake. You want to upgrade to double or triple glazing in your home. While it might be a little expensive to make this change, some local councils do offer benefits for this […]

It IS Easy Being Green

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You may remember my office makeover from quite awhile back. Since then, things have gotten worn and I just needed a change. I found a couple rolls of really pretty wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and thought, “Why not?” First, I cut pieces that would cover my two desks. The tops were worn and stained and I didn’t feel like painting them. I sprayed the desks down with spray adhesive and smoothed the wrapping paper down. You’re probably thinking, “But that won’t be durable!” I’ve found that if you do this with a thick paper with a glossy finish, spills wipe […]

Make a Quick Change to Your Home Office with Wrapping Paper

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Your home should be a place of calm retreat, somewhere you can relax and really enjoy your surroundings. But if your decor is leaving you a little uninspired and you fancy a refresh, there’s no need to fret if you don’t have a huge budget. There’s plenty you can do to completely overhaul the look which won’t cost the earth. Sourced from Pexels.com Clean and Declutter Cleaning and decluttering costs nothing, but could dramatically revamp your house. Get rid of what you no longer need and use and make space. Thoroughly clean and scrub every surface. It’s sure to look […]

Spruce Up Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Spring cleaning tips
Spring is always a good time to clean. It’s starting to get warmer, and you can take care of anything you neglected in the winter. Any changing of the seasons can prompt you to start straightening up your home. But while there are some tasks you will easily remember to do, there are some that you might not think of so easily. When you’re planning your big spring clean this year, don’t forget about these essential tasks. Clear Out Storage Spaces A lot of stuff gets stored away during the winter. You don’t need your summer clothes, and perhaps you […]

Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can’t Miss

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We all have one room in the home that we barely use. In fact, it can often become a junk room full of old stuff. But you could be wasting space which could be rather useful for your family. And the best thing about it is you could easily turn it into something useful in a couple of steps. You just need to put your DIY hat on! Here are some ideas to turn your spare room into something marvelous! Make it into a playroom for your kids A lot of families find they end up with their kid’s toys […]

Ideas To Turn Your Spare Room Into Something Marvelous!

“Making a home your own” is something that all lifestyle magazines insist you do as soon as you move in. It’s something we all want to do, too, but sometimes not as easy as they suggest. After all, your bank balance – and your body – can be largely exhausted by the time you fall over the threshold. In reality, once you get through the door, your priority has to be getting a good night’s sleep and finishing off the move. After that, a few stress-free weeks are usually in order. Eventually, though, you will want to make it yours. […]

Room-inating On Furniture For The Whole House

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Was your Cuisinart affected by the recent recall? (If you’re not sure, here’s an article that gives you the details on what Cuisinart units were affected.) If you are getting a replacement blade for your Cuisinart, one of my readers has a warning for you. Hello and Happy Holidays Ms.  Bradford; I am writing because you have an address, you wrote on the Cuisinart recall, and I sure can’t find anybody to write to at Cuisinart. I asked for and quickly received a replacement blade by requesting such online. My Cuisinart has been a good appliance, causing no issues in […]

Warning! A Caution About the Cuisinart Recall

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I wrote an article for CNET on new uses for old phones. Here are two more ideas. Use it as a digital picture frame for your desk I personally hate staring at the shame photo day in and day out, so I like digital photo frames that displays a slideshow of photos. If you have a small desk, though, you may not have room for a full-sized frame. The solution is using one of your old phones as a mini digital photo frame. Download a slideshow app like Dayframe or use your phone’s screensaver mode to display photos. Use a […]

Two Uses for Old Phones

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1. Make a Sandwich College kids know that an iron can make a mean dorm room grilled cheese. Just slap a piece of cheese between two slices of bread, turn your iron on high and get to grilling. Each side of the sandwich takes around 30 seconds to get golden brown with this method. Your waffle iron can also make more than just waffles. Here’s 15 drool-worthy things you can cook in your waffle maker. 2. Fix a dent in your floor or furniture If you have a dent in your hardwood floor or furniture, don’t despair. Your iron can […]

5 Things you can do with your clothes iron

Rug made out of a waterhose 51 comments
I needed a cute little outdoor rug to add some color to my hammock area. Luckily, we were about to throw out an old hose. I snatched it out of the trash and went to work. With just some zip ties and spray paint I was able to get just the look I wanted. Basically, all you do is coil the hose around itself and use zip ties to secure one coil to the next. While you coil, make sure that the ends of all of the zip ties are on one side. The side with the ends will be […]

How to Make an Outdoor Rug with a Water Hose

thrift store birdbath
Recently, we remodeled our bathroom.  We were left with a sink with an old sink from the demo. We tried to give the old sink away, but no one needed it, so I decided to turn it into a birdbath. First, I removed the sink from the pedestal. Then, I buried about 4 inches of it to make it stable.   I ran to the local Goodwill and grabbed some old dishes to use in my birdbath. I ended up getting a serving platter, a smaller plastic tray, a pretty glass and a little crystal bowl. It all cost me […]

How to Make a Birdbath out of Junk

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My friend Josh is planning on moving, so we have been scouting Hobby Lobby’s clearance isles for decorations. His theme for the living room is “autumn” so we were looking to snatch up anything we could use to give the feel of a sunny October afternoon. Low and behold, we found this metal wall decoration: And it was half-off! It was leaves, but it wasn’t fall leaves. I assured Josh that I could jazz it up with some paint so he snatched it up. At home, I broke out some acrylic paints in fall colors and got to work. First, […]

How to Transform a Hobby Lobby Clearance Item

homemade china hutch
I love finding things on the side of the road or by a dumpster and fixing them up. My motto: Years ago, I found this knickknack shelf beside a dumpster. I pulled the broken doors off of it and it stayed like this for a while: Then I removed the molding around the top and painted it blue: We used it like that for years, but I wanted a china hutch and decided that my little cabinet would work great. First, I needed to find another shelf that I could stack on top. I found one on my local Facebook […]

Dumpster Diving Transformation: Homemade China Hutch

How do you know when it’s time to remodel your bathroom? When the floor tries to gobble up your child. Yep, the floor around the tub gave way. Thankfully, no one was hurt! Mind you, my house is getting close to its 100th birthday. It was more than time to redo that floor! My husband and teen proceeded to tear out the linoleum, hardwood, sub-flooring and support beams. It took a few hours, but a new floor was installed. The new flooring is waterproof Allure Resilient Plank Flooring. It was really easy to put in and is super durable. While we […]

The Floor Ate My Daughter: Major Bathroom Remodel

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Don’t throw out those broken headphones just yet. Here are two hacks that can make them useful again in just seconds. Replumb your Headphones My daughter hates earbuds and will only wear headphones. Unfortunately, she usually ends up wearing out the cord or connectors every few weeks. Headphones are typically more expensive to replace then earbuds, so I came up with a solution. I simply tucked a pair of earbuds into the padded flaps on the headphones and cut off the old cord. She still has plenty of comfort, but I don’t need to buy her new headphones. Of course, […]

2 Quick Hacks to Upcycle Broken Headphones

how to remove a stripped screw
Taking photos is a major part of writing my DIY and how-to articles for clients. I decided to share some of my favorites. In just 24 hours this article on removing stripped screws has gotten 1.7 thousand likes and 750 shares! People really have problems with stripped screws! Yes, I took that photo. I’m quite proud of it. I’ve been a gamer since Atari, so I love this photo I took for the article How to keep your video game accessories organized. The light in the photo is just stunning, if I do say so myself. People loved my article on […]

Some DIY and How-to Photos I’m Proud of

how to clean your ceiling fan 21 comments
Want to make cleaning your home easier? I have the hacks you need! Check out some of my latest articles: This simple hack can keep a hard-to-reach spot in your kitchen clean with just aluminum foil. Here are 10 unexpected things you can wash in the washing machine. Even better, there are 20 unexpected things you can clean in the dishwasher. I got a lot of heat on this one. I promise, all of these ideas are safe! Did you know that there are 10 things you should never use vinegar to clean? It’s true! Don’t use laundry detergent on hand-wash […]

56 Home Hacks You Need to Make Your Life Better

New uses for old tablets 42 comments
Your tablet gathering dust? Here are five ways to give it a new life. Remember a few years ago when tablets were the new got-to-have gadget? Then, over time, people realized that tablets, for the most part, where redundant. Who really wants a device that is smaller than a laptop but slightly bigger than a phone but has all of the same capabilities as a phone? Now most folks have either given their tablets away or they’re languishing in a drawer. It’s time to give your old tablet a new life. Here are some simple ways to give that old […]

5 New Uses for Old Tablets

Guest Posted on January 6, 2016 by Ben Taylor With the holidays in the books, SpecOut looked back at the hottest gifts from the season, with a focus on Amazon sales. The online retailer released a report detailing the best-sellers of the holidays, ranging from music to movies, gadgets to home appliances. As usual, electronics and home entertainment dominate the list. We’ll run through 25 of the hottest sellers, complete with the likely keys to success. With more than 200 million orders shipped from Amazon Prime alone, chances are at least a few of these products found their way under […]

25 Products That Won the Holiday Season

I’m a penny pincher, so I didn’t want to shell out extra money for an LED bulb, but the packages assured me that they would last for years. I gave in and now my home is full of LED bulbs. I’ve noticed, though, that my bulbs haven’t been lasting years. I fact, I’ve had to change a few of them just 6 months after purchase. I did some research and found that I’m not the only one with this problem. Many others have been posting their bad experiences with LEDs burnout online. In 2014, a consumer group called Which? found that out of […]

Your LED Bulb May Not Last