You can wash produce in the dishwasher 1 comment
Typically, when washing large batches of produce, you would fill your sink with water, add cleansing solution, let the produce soak, scrub the produce, rinse the produce and then move it to somewhere it can air dry. Washing batches of fruit in the dishwasher is much easier. It cleans of wax, dirt, dust and pesticides without scrubbing or soaking by blasting the food with jets of water. Surprisingly, though the water jets are strong enough to clean the fruits and vegetables, they come out of the dishwasher damage-free.   How to Wash Produce in the Dishwasher Put delicate fruits and vegetables […]

Can You Wash Your Produce in the Dishwasher?

I just wanted to make an update to my last post about cost cutting by shopping at Kroger grocery stores. Yesterday I went shopping and saved $25.50, bring my total down from $88.14 to $62.64.I did this without any coupons and without buying any clearance items. I simply used my customer rewards card and took advantage for their buy one, get one free sale on multivitamins. I got two multivitamins for me and two jars of gummy vitamins for my kids.On top of that, I earned 61 points toward my fuel savings (see previous post for details).See, you can save money without clipping coupons or searching for sales. 😉

Kroger Savings Update: Get Free Vitamins