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    Yes, Even Freelancers Can Take Breaks From Work

    Some people are worried about making the transition to freelance work because they know it means no paid days off for vacation. You don’t have to see no paid time off as a massive negative. There are ways you can get around it. Sure, the stereotypes of freelancing may include not taking any vacations and working long, long hours, but I know lots of freelancers who are able to take time off  when they need to. Including me! If planned correctly, taking a vacation as a freelancer shouldn’t hit the bank balance too hard either. Want to know how to set up your own freelance vacation? Read on! Plan Well in…

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    I’m Giving You $100 to Try My Favorite Personal Assistant

    Running a business by myself is hard. A few months ago I realized I needed an assistant. I hired an on-site assistant, but I didn’t have enough work to keep him busy. So, naturally, I decided a virtual assistant would be better. I had no idea where to get one, though. Amazingly enough, I got an email from the creator of Fin around the same time. Fin is a virtual assistant that you can text or email tasks to, and the task gets done super quickly. I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. My first task for Fin was to add a long list of subscribers to my…

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    7 Checklist Items for Success in 2019

    No matter what your goal is for 2019, you need a plan to make it happen. Dr. Jean Gilnord Mathurin, author of 7 Checklist Items for Success: A Guide to a Richer and More Successful Life, is a Haitian immigrant who raised himself from a dishwasher to a United States’ Naval Medical Officer has developed seven checklist items from success. This strategy brought him from living in a one-bedroom home in Haiti with seven siblings to a prestigious career in the USA. Now, he’s sharing his tips to empower today’s teens and also those who know they have a purpose in life but just need the “how” to make it happen. Below is…

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    4 Steps to Clicking the Internal “Refresh” Button: How to be Mentally and Emotionally Prepared for the New Year

     Dr. Lara Fielding offers steps and practices to step into the new year prepared to set resolutions and to actually follow through with them. By the end of a long, and particularly trying 2018, it’s normal to feel worn out and not exactly pumped for taking on new tasks. The motivation tank is dry and the pull to shut down and avoid is stronger than ever!  So we can all use some tools for clicking the internal refresh button. Here’s how! Step I: Find Motivation in Your Values Values are different from goals. Values are your internal GPS, and help you connect to your why. They are chosen by you, and only you, and provide you with stamina to endure…

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    How to Cope with Holiday stress

    Guest post by Dr. Bomi Joseph, Founder, Peak Health Center, ImunnAG LLC, Phyto Farmacy When our body faces an external threat, it’s “fight or flight” response kicks in and the hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol are released. Adrenaline causes our air vents to dilate and increases oxygen to the muscles. It selectively flows blood towards the heart, lungs and any muscle that requires extra blood. Our ability to feel pain decreases and we continue to fight through injury. We gain significant strength and acute awareness. When the threat is over, our body always returns Adrenaline levels back to normal within a few minutes. In rare cases, an hour. Of the two,…