Making a bit of extra money outside of work is easier than it ever by the rise of the technological advances. As technology has grown, the capabilities to work pretty much anywhere have grown too. For instance, there are a whole host of ways to make a bit of extra money via the internet. You can create your own online marketplace and sell everything you no longer need any our life; you can take on the world of the online stock market; you can begin a blog; or you could upload videos to Youtube and make a cool £11 million […]

How to Make Some Extra Cash Away from the Office

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In response to my CNET article This trick makes a cheap bottle taste like premium vodka, Tom had this to say: You did quite well on this initial review. Kudos to your tastes buds as well. I’ve been in the spirits business over 26 years (now retired) and can provide some added input to your study. As you know vodka by federal definition must be odorless, tasteless and colorless. So how does one differentiate brands, essentially so similar? Especially  premium brands that have to justify higher pricing?   It starts with the visuals like artisan packaging for one; the livery look […]

Some Thoughts on Vodka and Taste

catching pokemon tips 55 comments
Something I do to level up my Pokemon, hatch eggs and gather items from PokeStops is have a Pokemon Go driving party with your friends. No! I don’t mean Pokemoning and driving. That’s a big no sir. Instead, have someone be the designated driver. This person will hand over their phone to someone else in the car so they won’t be tempted to play while driving. The passenger that gets the phone will play the driver’s game and their own. Then, the driver drives around neighborhoods and areas of town where the speed limit is 20 m (32.18 km) per hour […]

Have Pokemon Party to Level Up Fast

gift basket for kids
Gift baskets are a great gift to pamper the people on a Christmas or birthday gift list. Store bought gift baskets can be expensive, though. It is easy to make gift baskets at home for less, though, and it can be fun! Getting Started The average homemade gift basket will cost around ten dollars, making it a really perfect gift to give for the budget conscious. The first item required for making gift baskets it the basket, of course. The conscious shopper can find some really nice baskets at thrift stores for as little as 50 cents a piece. Shoppers […]

Over 40 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

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Typically, when washing large batches of produce, you would fill your sink with water, add cleansing solution, let the produce soak, scrub the produce, rinse the produce and then move it to somewhere it can air dry. Washing batches of fruit in the dishwasher is much easier. It cleans of wax, dirt, dust and pesticides without scrubbing or soaking by blasting the food with jets of water. Surprisingly, though the water jets are strong enough to clean the fruits and vegetables, they come out of the dishwasher damage-free.   How to Wash Produce in the Dishwasher Put delicate fruits and vegetables […]

Can You Wash Your Produce in the Dishwasher?

Solo Cup Craft 61 comments
My daughter bought a plant terrarium kit at Hobby Lobby and loved it, so we made our own at home. Here’s how we did it. First, poke holes in the bottom of the cup using a nail. Then, fill the cup with soil and add a seed or small plant. Tape another cup on top the cup containing the plant to form a dome. Then poke holes in the top using a nail.   When it rains, little drops of water will drip into the terrarium and excess water will go out of the bottom.

Homemade Plant Terrarium: Solo Cup Craft

I’m in the mood to talk about weddings today, so this post will be on creative decorations for your wedding, invitation ideas and…stuff. Here are some tips from my own wedding. Yup, the pictures are from my wedding back in 2007. Wedding Toppers One of the first decorations that I picked out for my own wedding was what went on top of the cake. I wanted something unusual, not just the average man and wife on top of our cake. There are plenty of sites that offer unusual wedding cake toppers, but unfortunately I didn’t know that.  So, I ended up buying […]

Creative Wedding Ideas that I Used at My Wedding

  April Fools day is a lot of fun…as long as you have a cool prank to pull. Here are four pranks that are fresh and fun. Cabbage HatThis one is a great joke to play on a little kid…and it’s stylish, too! Take the outer leaves off of a head of cabbage and place them on everyone’s head like a hat…except for the child you are trying to prank. Have everyone sit and wait for the little target to walk into the room. When the kid walks in, watch their reaction to the hat party. It will be priceless. Photocopier […]

4 Original Pranks for April Fools

You have probably seen my posts featuring free VoxBoxes I get from Influenster. Well, I just got another box! This is the J’Adore VoxBox. Red Rose Creme Caramel The tea in the box is fantastic! It is called Red Rose Creme Caramel. It tastes just like caramel! I didn’t think that was possible. Here is a pic of me drinking it. What do I have on my face? Boots Botanics’ Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask Well that came in my VoxBox, too. It is Boots Botanics’ Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. It instantly made my skin feel cool and refreshed. […]

More Free Stuff From Influenster

Yesterday, I got a free movie rental through Redbox. Hells ya! I get one of these every month. You can get one too by joining the Redbox Mobile Club.Go to Redbox online, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your cell phone number. Each month they will text you a coupon code for a free movie. You just type in the code when you are paying at the kiosk.

Free Movies from Redbox

This post is a simple and quick solution to stuffed animal storage. Screw a cup hook into the wall, latch a canvas bag onto the hook and plop stuffed animals into the bag. Here’s how it ended up looking in my daughter’s room:As you can see, I hung up a large stuffed animal (with thumb tacks) beside the bag so that it looks like the plushie is holding the bag. Fun right? If you hang the bag low enough, your child can snag their favorite animal from the canvas bag anytime they like.

DIY Stuffed Animal Organizer

I love to pamper my two girls with girly things like earrings, barrettes, hair feathers, etc. These items can be pretty pricey, though. That’s why I take advantage of Claire’s dot sales. With these sales you can get any item that has a colored dot sticker on it for $1 as long as the item was originally priced under $5.99. Here’s what we got on our last trip:  

Claire’s Dot Sales Save You Money on Girly Things

I was poppin’ tags today. I got 17 items for $49. That included a really cute skirt, a bunch of shirts for me and 10 pairs of shorts for my girls. No I didn’t drive all over town. The only thrift store I visited was Goodwill. My best tip for shopping there is to find out what color tag is half-off that day before shopping. I got three brand new tees half-off because they had a blue tag. The tag color usually changes from week to week, so if you don’t see a sign on the door telling you which tag represents […]

Poppin’ Tags at Goodwill

My last post was about how to get free stuff for watching TV. Today I am going to tell you how to get free TV. If you are a Suddenlink user, you can get $25 credit on your account for each friend you refer to Suddenlink and they get a $25 credit too! Here’s how it works: Log into My Account Select Refer-A-Friend Submit your referral’s contact information You’ll be emailed a referral code that your friend can use when they sign up so you get credit for them signing up.

How to Get Free TV

    Most people think that coupons are for tightwads and that they don’t save that much money. Well, on a recent shopping trip, every single member of my coupon club saved half –off their grocery bill. This isn’t just a onetime fluke, either. Here are some examples of our savings: 5 bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer for free. 3 boxes of Duncan Hines Brownie mix for 45 cents a box. Suave shampoo for 50 cents a bottle. 1 package of Healthy Ones lunchmeat for free. By now you should be saying, “Wow! I want to join a coupon club […]

Coupon Club Basics: Save Money, Help Others & Have a Blast!

If you’re a gamer, listen up. My husband got a free Xbox 360 Headcom Pro Headset last night. How? By using a coupon, of course! While he was training in the Army I signed him up for a GameStop Power Up Rewards account. It was free, so I thought, “why not?” Apparently, every dollar you spend at GameStop earns you points for really great stuff. All you have to do is sign up at GameStop or on their Power Up Rewards website, redeem your points at the site and print out a coupon for the item you want. I was dubious, but my husband printed […]

Free Xbox 360 Headcom Pro Headset Coupon

If you like to watch TV and ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I wish I could make a living watching television,” then have I got the app for you! Viggle is an app that you can download to your phone. When you watch TV, you turn on the app and it listens to your show. At the end of the show, the app gives you points for watching. You get one point for each minute of the show. So, for example, if you watched an hour long television show you would get 60 points. You also get extra points from playing quizzes, […]

Get Free Stuff By Watching TV

I have gotten two free tubs of cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s and a lot of other free food.How do I do it?I’m a member of Papa Murphy’s eClub. They sent me a printable coupon for free cookie dough on my birthday and they sent me one for Christmas. All I had to do was buy a large pizza at regular price, which I do anyway. Cha Ching! All you have to do to get your own cookie dough is to join their eClub.They will also send you coupons that will save you $2 to $3 per pizza. They don’t send out many emails, so […]

Free Cookie Dough Coupon