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For my birthday one year, me and my husband went to a video game midnight release party for the Xbox One. I got a t-shirt as a door prize and guess what? The date, my birthday, was printed on the arm. I decided to make something special out of this tee. Here’s how I did it: First, I folded the t-shirt into thirds. Then, I cut 1/2 inch slits along the folds. I unfolded the shirt and stretched it to make the edges of the slits curl.   Finally, I folded the sleeves and cut them, too. Yup, that’s my birthday! […]

How to Cut an Awesome Web T-Shirt

How to add straps to shoes 12 comments
I just bought a pair of flats that I love, but the straps were too small. So, I cut the straps off, but then the flats wouldn’t stay on my feet. You are going to love my solution. You can do this to any pair of flats that you have laying around the house and it looks great! Plus, it is super easy to do. Here’s how I did it: You’ll need ribbon and a yarn needle. Cut the ribbon at an angle so that it with thread the needle. Also, cut the old straps off of the flats. Poke […]

Update Your Flats in 10 Minutes DIY

  Recycling clothing in the form of hand-me-downs comes with a lot of problems. Who hasn’t had a hand-me-down melt-down? You are frantically trying to get your kids ready for school when your youngest yells, “I can’t wear this! This was (insert the name of older child here) shirt!” For parents of two or more children, the struggle is inevitable. How do you get a child to wear hand-me-downs without a major face off?Most parents realize hand-me-downs are a great way for parents to save money, but most kids don’t know this. “If money dictates you start using hand-me-downs, then explain […]

How to Get Kids to Wear Hand-Me-Downs and Save the Earth

I love to pamper my two girls with girly things like earrings, barrettes, hair feathers, etc. These items can be pretty pricey, though. That’s why I take advantage of Claire’s dot sales. With these sales you can get any item that has a colored dot sticker on it for $1 as long as the item was originally priced under $5.99. Here’s what we got on our last trip:  

Claire’s Dot Sales Save You Money on Girly Things

I was poppin’ tags today. I got 17 items for $49. That included a really cute skirt, a bunch of shirts for me and 10 pairs of shorts for my girls. No I didn’t drive all over town. The only thrift store I visited was Goodwill. My best tip for shopping there is to find out what color tag is half-off that day before shopping. I got three brand new tees half-off because they had a blue tag. The tag color usually changes from week to week, so if you don’t see a sign on the door telling you which tag represents […]

Poppin’ Tags at Goodwill

How did I cover the tear without sewing? I used decoupage! Yep, that’s paper on there, not cloth.First, I tore a page from a quilting calendar that I have been saving since a press trip to Helena, Montana in 2008.I balled up the calendar page over and over again until it was soft like fabric. Then, I just glued pieces of the page to the purse using decoupage glue. I finished with a sealing coat of glue. It looks great!Here are the steps in pictures:    

No-Sew Patchwork Purse DIY ReMix

    I have a red print dress that hasn’t fit since the diet miracle of divorce left me three dress sizes smaller. Needless to say, when my new husband and I got together I gained it all back, and then some. So, the dress hasn’t fit in almost six years.Today, I got tired of it taking up room in my closet without serving a purpose and I took a pair of scissors to it. No, I didn’t hack it up. I turned it into a cute new, bigger dress using color blocking. Color blocking is huge on the runway, so I thought […]

Upcycled Color Block Dress DIY

  One of my favorite stores to shop at is Factory Connection. There are a  few reasons why: They have plus sized clothing that doesn’t look like it belongs on my grandmother. They have low prices and sales that cant be beat. They have funky shoes that you can’t find in other stores. They have men’s clothes, too. During the spring, my husband and I happened to walk past our local Factory Connection. They were having a sidewalk sale, like they do every week to get rid of inventory. I got a wool coat for $1!!! My husband got a […]

Factory Connection Saves You Big Bucks on Plus Size Fashion

I just have to brag on this steal I got at JCPenny. I was on the hunt for a cute dress for my daughter to wear to my husband’s military graduation. I found this dress on the clearance rack. It was originally marked $49.99 but I got it for $9.97 before taxes. That’s a savings of $40.02! See, you can get really cute, in-season clothes on the clearance rack. I found this one within five or ten minutes. If you want these kinds of savings, good news! is having a customer appreciation sale with 30%-70% off their regular prices. Also, shipping is free on orders over $65 or more when […]

JCPenny Clearance Steal