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For my birthday one year, me and my husband went to a video game midnight release party for the Xbox One. I got a t-shirt as a door prize and guess what? The date, my birthday, was printed on the arm. I decided to make something special out of this tee. Here’s how I did it: First, I folded the t-shirt into thirds.┬áThen, I cut 1/2 inch slits along the folds. I unfolded the shirt and stretched it to make the edges of the slits curl.   Finally, I folded the sleeves and cut them, too. Yup, that’s my birthday! […]

How to Cut an Awesome Web T-Shirt

Flower girl dresses bought for $15 on Ebay Ebay has become the bargain mall to the world. You can find really great deals for name brand children’s clothing at half the price. It is important to know what to look for them, though. As a seasoned Ebay shopper, I have the best ways to snag a great deal. Type in terms in the search box that narrows your search. For example, decide what designers you want to buy, such as Old Navy or Wrangler. This will make narrowing the field easier. If you don’t have a designer in mind, don’t […]

How to Buy Children’s Clothes on Ebay