wall hanging using hobby lobby decoration
My friend Josh is planning on moving, so we have been scouting Hobby Lobby’s clearance isles for decorations. His theme for the living room is “autumn” so we were looking to snatch up anything we could use to give the feel of a sunny October afternoon. Low and behold, we found this metal wall decoration: And it was half-off! It was leaves, but it wasn’t fall leaves. I assured Josh that I could jazz it up with some paint so he snatched it up. At home, I broke out some acrylic paints in fall colors and got to work. First, […]

How to Transform a Hobby Lobby Clearance Item

I’ve had Netflix for more than two years. I’ve been wondering if it’s cheaper to cancel the Netflix and just rent movies through Redbox or on Pay Per View (PPV) through Dish Network. Here’s my math: We usually get two movies a month through Netflix because we’re bad about mailing them back. A Redbox movie costs $1 per rental. That would be $2 per month verses the $10.81 we are paying per month using Netflix. Obviously a better choice. Pay Per View costs $4.99 per movie, or $9.98 for two. That’s cheaper than Netflix, plus PPV has a much more current movie selection than […]

Does Netflix Really Save You Money on Movies?