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    Add More Strings… Other Job Types For The Freelance Blogger

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinLet’s make no bones about it, being a freelancer is hard, very hard. There can be times when we feel that it’s just too much, fighting incessantly for that next contract, or we don’t have the perks and protection that’s offered by the vast majority of permanent jobs. And when we are a freelance writer, we can feel bound by limitations in terms of our skills. After all, freelance writing is a job that’s very specific, and when you look at the other jobs out there in the big wide world, you have to have an additional set of skills. But let’s realistically look at what we can all…

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    7 Ways to Improve Your Human Resources

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinIf you would like to make your human resources more effective, you don’t have to spend a fortune on advisers and professional services. Whatever makes sense for your company and works for your staff might not be applicable to other businesses. It is your responsibility to figure out what your employees want and align their personal aspirations and career goals with your own corporate interest. While this might be easier said than done, you will find a few pointers below to help you get started. Attract the Right Talent First of all, you need to make sure that you attract the right people in your business. You need to…

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    Keeping It Clean! Getting People To Pull Their Weight In The Office

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinIf you move away from your home and decide to rent an office for your business, there are always a lot of things you’ll realise. One of the things you are likely to notice is that people are messy. Not everyone will put the coffee lid back, or wash their spoons… and often working in a space with a bunch of messy people can be irritating. To ensure that the office stays clean and hygienic, here are some of the things you can do to make sure everyone plays their part this year. Make A Rota An office cleaning rota can be the best idea you have ever had…

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    Promotional Writing: Do’s & Don’ts

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPromotional writing is one of the most common forms of writing, but also one of the most difficult to do well. Unlike any other kind, promotional writing has to strike a balance — you have to sell, but not too much. You have to be informative, but not to a point you render the item or service you are promoting irrelevant. Achieving this balance is undeniably challenging, and one that many writers struggle with every time they try. However, while promotional writing is tricky, it’s also undoubtedly rewarding. If you can master the art of promotional writing, you can leverage this to your benefit; you could create and monetize…

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    10 Busted Myths to Keep Writers Well This Winter

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFreelance writers don’t get sick days and clients don’t care if you’re high on cough syrup. They just want their projects on time. That’s why it is important for writers to know how to keep themselves well this winter. There are endless winter health myths that we have heard from well intentioned grandparents and parents. They have become so ingrained in us that we take them as cold hard facts. Many of these myths have no more basis in reality than Santa Claus.  Of course, everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible during the frosty months. Here’s the facts from Board Certified NYC internist and gastroenterologist Dr. Niket Sonpal.…