creating a business app
If you have a business, then many say one of the best things you can do is create an app. It’s true that creating an app for your business can help you to grow and expand much faster and the goal of an app is to make things easier and more convenient for your audience. However, an app isn’t for everyone. If you’re confused, this post will help you to figure out whether creating an app is for you. Making Yourself More Visible To Customers An app will make you more visible to your customers. They can see you on the app […]

Should You Create An App For Your Business?   Recently updated !

Starting a business? Here are some tips for getting your computer system up and running. No matter the size, shape or style of your business – whether you are working from home or running a company – you’re going to getting to know the ins and outs of computing a fair bit. Your computer is about to be your new best friend in business. But it can be hard to know your pivot tables from your Facebook and Twitter. There’s a lot going on with apps, software, hardware and of course, the ever evolving presence of the internet and all […]

The Guide To Everything ‘Computer’ In Business!

pokemon go lures 1 comment
Forget milkshakes, Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard. Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with. According to Adobe Digital Insights there has been more than 8.9 million global social mentions (including all mentions of Pokemon and Pokemon GO) in July to date. This is a 2,353% increase from the 2016 monthly average of Pokémon mentions in the first half of July alone (July 1-13). You can harness this force and use it to make money if you own a brick-and-mortar business. How? Download the game, login, set up a character and do check to see if your business is […]

How to Use Pokemon Go to Get More Business

Planning for 2016 79 comments
Have you thought about your goals for 2016? All month I’ve been contemplating my goals, which is hard because 2015 has been wildly successful. It’s hard to make new goals when you’ve already met so many. Here are some things I accomplished in 2016: Articles I have written have gotten thousands of shares One of my articles has garnered over 400,000 page views in one month I helped one of my clients get over 1 million page views in one month I worked with several new high-profile clients this year, including CNET and MTV My new goals focus on boosting creativity in new […]

What are Your Goals for 2016?

should you send a christmas card to business 30 comments
I’ve always said, if you want to get ahead in business, you need to get your name out in front of people as often as possible. Christmas cards are a great way to do that. They make the people you send them to feel nice instead of pressured or harassed like cold emails do. Should you send that holiday card? Here is a infographic sent to me by Grammarly to share with you that can help:

Should You Send Them a Holiday Card?

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Business Woman Offers Advice To Others Ready To Take The Entrepreneurial Plunge Please enjoy this guest post. The number of American women who own their own businesses is on the rise. It’s estimated that more than 9.1 million women now lead their own enterprises. What’s more, from 1997 to 2014, when the number of businesses in the United States grew by 47 percent, those owned by women grew by 68 percent, according to a report published by American Express OPEN. One woman who is part of that trend – and is helping other women become their own bosses, too – […]

Who’s The Boss? More Women Decide They Are

Marketing on Pinterest 68 comments
  Pinterest is often an overlooked social media site, but there’s one big reason to implement a Pinterest social media marketing plan for your web content. Money! Hello Society found that purchases  originating with Pinterest average around $168.83 per checkout. That’s almost double the results from Facebook and Twitter! Are you convinced, yet? If so, here are 10 ways to kill marketing on Pinterest. Use the right image size. Posts that get the most attention use photos that are 735 x 1,102 pixels. Use a minimum width of no less than 600 pixels to get the best look. Get the aspect ratio […]

Social Media Marketing Tips: 10 Ways to Ace Marketing on ...

giving your brand personality 29 comments
If your bounce rates are high and your conversion rate stinks, one thing is pretty clear: your website visitors hate you. Don’t take it personally. It happens to the best of us. You just need to fix the problem and build your branding platform. Ring, Ring, No One’s Answering: Poor Content = Sucky Conversion Rates Your visitors hate you primarily because your content sucks. The number one key to good content is answering your visitor’s needs. Many websites draw in visitors from social media sites with sensational headlines, but then fail to deliver in the content. This is called click-baiting […]

How to Make Your Visitors Love You and Build Your ...

In my early days as a writer, I worked on the side as a customer service rep for Direct TV and a few other smaller companies. I learned a lot about good customer service while I was there and have added to that file of knowledge with the following years of running my own business. Today, I’d like to share my findings with you. Remember FISH During my training for Direct TV, we were forced to watch The Fish! Philosophy video. I found it surprisingly helpful, even after I laughed at the name. It is a customer service technique often […]

9 Tips for Providing Amazing Customer Service

How to Delegate Content Creation 29 comments
There is one, surefire way to boost the quality of your site’s content, enabling you to draw in more visitors and sale more product. Delegate it. Yup, that’s right, I’m telling you to let someone else handle your content creation. Why Delegate Content Production? There are two reasons why you should hand the reigns of content production over to someone else. One, you don’t have time to run a business and: Keep up with SEO trends Research topics that will interest your customers Write articles and blog posts Search for visual content to go with the posts Upload the posts […]

Make Your Site Content Better Instantly

Brochure Printing Robot 72 comments
I was recently interviewed by Global Media & Brochure Printing Company for their website. If you would like to know some marketing secrets that I give my clients, head on over and check out the interview. While you’re clicking around, check out their video: “Brochure Printing Company Web Offset Printing LA, NY, Hawaii, Singapore and Qatar.” It’s a pretty fascinating insight into how those marketing brochures that we read from other companies, and that we design for our own business, is made. They have one of the largest offset printing facilities in Asia and the world. This place is MASSIVE. They have all […]

Interview by Global Media & Brochure Printing Company

Using social media for recruiting 28 comments
I’ve worked for several recruiting companies, writing copy for their bait emails. Twitter was one of the sites I used to research potential recruits. Do you use Twitter for recruiting? Maybe you should. Here are some tips for finding the best new employees using one of the world’s biggest social media sites via my friends over at AkkenCloud.     Click To Enlarge Via AkkenCloud

Infographic: How to Use Twitter for Recruiting

Elance is closing 51 comments
It looks like Elance is closing its doors and evolving into something else.   I know many of my readers use Elance as a way to find freelancers or as a way to find freelance work, so I thought I’d share this email I just received: Hi Alina, I’m writing to share that we will soon wind down the Elance platform and invite you to join the community on Upwork. As we shared earlier this year, the decision to focus on a single platform was difficult but ultimately proved to be the best way to give freelancers access to the greatest […]

Elance is Closing Its Doors

Carli Lloyd USA Women's World Cup 93 comments
ABC News reports that US Women’s National Team midfielder Carli Lloyd visualized herself scoring a bunch of goals in the World Cup final back in May. She netted three in the first 16 minutes of play to propel USA to victory. She got her goals. Literally. Here’s how you can, too. Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals, Too  “There’s a four step process that when applied, works wonders in helping you achieve your goals,” says Life Coach, Anne Deidre. “Whether it’s the World Cup, losing weight or starting your own business, whatever you want to do, you can!” The 4 Step Process […]

Achieve Any Goal with These 4 Step

How not to run your social media campaigns 68 comments
This post is going to be controversial, so hold on to your hat. One Facebook ad that keeps popping up in my feed is by Boost Blog Traffic, which is run by Jon Morrow. Now, I love just about everything about Jon and I am a big fan, but this ad was a stinker. I mean skunk quality stink. In the ad, Jon is promoting a guide on how to write for Huffington Post. The ad is clearly targeted towards writers and not marketing professionals. As a professional writer, the ad rubbed me the wrong way. No Pay, No Way […]

How Not to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign, and a ...

where to use branding 70 comments
While researching an article for Content Groove (I’m the editor over there), I realized people are confused about what branding actually is. If you are one of those people, I’ll explain it. What is Branding: Branding Definition Here is my branding definition: Making your brand stand out from competitors with marketing that is consistent and recognizable as belonging to only your company. It’s pretty much that simple. You want everything, from your website copy to your logo to your images, to mesh together to create a cohesive message that people can remember. What people remember about you is called your branding […]

What is Branding?

getting along with your business partner 25 comments
A Shared Goal Can Be Achieved With The Right Outlook, Book Co-Authors Say Please enjoy today’s guest post. Good business partnerships can lead to great things, whether it’s Ben and Jerry dishing up ice cream or Penn and Teller dishing up magic. But sometimes partners aren’t well matched. Their personalities fail to mesh, their differing visions lead to a clash of wills and what seemed like a good idea at the beginning disintegrates quickly in a flurry of angry words and ill will. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. A business partnership – like any relationship – can […]

Overcoming Differences To Remain Business Partners and Friends

what is in quality content 1 comment
If you’ve read anything about content marketing lately, you’ve probably seen it: article after article proclaiming that the new SEO tactic is filling your site with content that your readers will love. They are 100% right, but what is high-quality content? You probably think you’ve been posting quality content all along. It may not be stellar, but you think that it does the job, right? The problem is you need to be more than adequate to secure a spot in search engine results. Even more important than SEO, you want people to share your articles and blog posts. You don’t […]

How Do You Create High-Quality Content?

Multitasking at work ruins productivity. 59 comments
Multitasking fails us, big time. It decreases our productivity, lowers our IQs, and shrinks our brains, according to acclaimed researchers and neuroscientists around the world. The solution? A simple yet revolutionary concept: singletasking. Multitasking is Out We are a stressed-out culture of multitaskers. With too much to do in too little time, we fruitlessly attempt to accomplish more by doing several things at once. Here’s a good NPR story about how multitasking is doing us wrong. What would happen if we tried something different? The Alternative to Multitasking Devora Zack, CEO of Only Connect Consulting, Inc., has just released her latest […]

Forget Multitasking! Increase Productivity with These 5 Tips

the psychology of marketing 69 comments
I’m always interested in the psychology of marketing, so I was super psyched when I recently got an email from Megan Wilson over at Ghergich & Co. Here’s what she had to say: Hello Alina,Just read your post, “How to Automate Your Social Media Accounts for Free“, and I thought that your overview of sites like Klout and Buffer were really great for people looking to get more out of their social media accounts. Our design agency recently released an infographic with Salesforce Canada. It outlines the ways emotions and cognitive biases influence purchasing decisions. More than 64% of people who […]

The Psychology of Marketing Infographic

My youngest daughter making a visit to my office. 31 comments
Instead of the usual What to Read this Week, I thought I’d go off-topic. I’m pretty sure that most of you who follow my blog have a desk and spend most of your weekdays there. Me too. Over the past couple of decades, I’ve found ways to make my desk and office a happy place to work. Here is a tour of my office to give you some inspiration. Me too. Over the past couple of decades, I’ve found ways to make my desk and office a happy place to work. Here is a tour of my office to give […]

A Tour of My Office: How to Keep Your Desk ...

get your pagerank back 46 comments
Hi and welcome to this What to Read this Week. I want you to be a business superstar. You can’t be a superstar without a little help from your friends. So, here are some great reads on getting your pagerank back, scoring a rocking landing page, writing headlines that melt people’s faces and more. Make Your Landing Pages Rock The best way to sell your product is to make your landing page rock. One guide on landing pages that I think you’ll find interesting is Hacker’s Guide to Awesome Landing Page with Singup Form. Here is a quote from the guide […]

Get Your Pagerank Back, Score a Rocking Landing Page and ...

small business tips 40 comments
Hey, happy Monday! Welcome to another installment of What to Read this Week. This week, I’m going to focus on articles that will help small businesses. Free List Building Mega Book Last week I told you about a massive article that linked to over 100 articles on list building. Well, this week, I’ve found you a massive guide on the subject. The Definitive Guide to List Building is incredible and covers just about everything you can think of on the subject. The best part is you can download it for free to read on your Kindle or tablet. That’s what I […]

Small Business Tips: What to Read this Week, April 13-19

Business tip articles 167 comments
Welcome to this installment of What to Read this Week! I hope you had a great Easter weekend. My kids are too old for egg hunting this year (*sad mama*) so we just stuffed ourselves with candy, ham, rolls, mashed potatoes and Netflix. Let’s jump into these great reads! List Building Supreme I probably don’t need to tell you how important list building is, but to get a great email list you need a good strategy. There’s no lack of strategies out there. Jenna Dalton rounded them all up into a super post: The Ultimate List-Builder’s Resource Guide: 111 Links to […]

Build Your Email List and Please Your Customers: What to ...

google and twitter are teaming up 26 comments
Welcome to this week’s instalment of What to Read. This week there are some great reads to make your brand the best it can be. Get Your Online Brand Rocking Want to rock your online presence, but don’t want to read a long article about it? This infographic by is perfect. It breaks down everything you need to do to get your online image popping into daily, weekly and monthly tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s best tip is: Getting Attention for Your Brand Attention isn’t easy to come by in the jam-packed internet marketplace. Luckily though, there […]

Brand Management Extravaganza, What to Read this Week: March 30- ...

Every Monday I let you take a peek at what I’m reading. Here’s another installment of What to Read this Week. This week I’m loving me some free stuff and I’m sharing some great articles on increasing your site traffic, using video and some reasons to rethink ads. Free Stock Photos Okay, so you really don’t read stock photos, but I thought I would share with you some freebies that were offered this past week. Hubspot is giving away 750 free stock photos that are perfect for blog posts and websites. All you need to do is fill out their form. Why […]

What to Read this Week: March 16-22, Free Stuff, Increasing ...

I get a lot of email newsletters, PR emails, special offers, blog alerts…you name it, my email is full of it. I like to keep up-to-date on what others are doing in my industry. To be able write for my clients, I need to stay in-the-know about what’s happening in other industries, too. So, when it comes to email subject lines I’ve seen them all. (Plus, in my almost two decades of copywriting, I’ve written my fair share.) Let me tell you something: a bunch of you guys are doing it all wrong. Let’s look at some examples and I’ll […]

5 Examples of Awful and Awesome Email Subject Lines…and Maybe ...

  Here’s another installment of What to Read this Week. Every Monday I let you take a peek at what I’m reading. This week there is some really great stuff for you guys looking to brush up on marketing. Pinterest Marketing Tips First up, Danny over at Firepole wants to know: Does Your Pinterest Marketing Need a More Personal Touch? The article centers around Pinterest’s new feature called Pinterest messaging and how using it can give your Pinterest account a much more personalized feel. Here is my favorite quote from the article: Your end sales goal is to expose your expertise to new […]

What to Read this Week: March 9-15 Marketing Tips from ...

Every Monday, I will share with you some of the best marketing, content and business articles on the web. Here’s what I’m loving this week: 5 Pointless Marketing Metrics You Can Stop Tracking Today I think a lot of people have gone overboard with tracking, so I love seeing articles like this one by Rachel Sprung. Email opens, Facebook likes, ad impressions, blog comments and the like don’t really tell you if you are succeeding at your marketing goals. Top 15 FREE Internet Marketing Tools To Boost Your Online Business Nothing is better than free, especially when you are trying […]

What to Read this Week: March 2-8, 2015