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    How To Stay Focused at Your Job as a Working Mother

    Tips for working mothers to help them keep their sanity and productivity, no matter what the kids are up to. Guest post by Ujëbardha Bekolli, Mother Works Every once in a while everyone experiences a downhill at their workplace. We get fed up by daily drama, same old routine and everything looks like a bore. However the loss of focus that mothers experience is entirely different. Whether you work part-time jobs or full time, this lack of focus has a taste of fatigue, tiresome, chaos and imbalance. That is because our mind is floating in 20 different things within one minute. We’re worrying about whether the baby is asleep right…

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    25 Super Fun Gifts for Writers in 2018

    Gifts for writers that they’ll actually want and that I actually use in my own home office. I know shopping for writers can be difficult. We are a peculiar breed. So, I came up with an unusual idea. I looked around my office and compiled a list of all my favorite things. Then, I made an Amazon storefront where you can find all of the items, together, to make shopping a lot easier. Yes, this is an affiliate link, but everything in my storefront is something I love and use as a writer. I also included little notes on each product to let you know which features I find particularly…

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    The Ultimate Guide to Finding Jobs as a Freelance Writer

    This is an excerpt from The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook   Professional freelance writers are always blogging about these sweet gigs they’re working on that pays $100 to $2,000 per article. Where the heck do you find these fantastic jobs everyone’s talking about? After years, I have honed a way to find great paying gigs quickly. Here are my secrets. Hit Up Social Media One of the easiest ways to find gig gems is to search social media. Often, businesses will post their need for a blogger, copywriter or ghostwriter on their pages. All you have to do is search for relevant hashtags. Put these hashtags into a…

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    Punctuation You Should Know: Apostrophes, Colons and Semicolons

    Punctuation marks play a very important role when it comes to written language. Just like pauses and intonation on spoken language, failure to include punctuation marks can change the entire message of a sentence, which makes using proper punctuation super important for writers. Let us discuss some of the important punctuation marks that we use on a daily basis. Apostrophes Ugg. From my close observation and research, this punctuation mark ranks among the most abused in the English language. Just check posters, adverts and various ads in your neighbourhood and you will agree on the same. Even though we encounter the use of the apostrophe in our daily lives, many…

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    Promotional Writing: Do’s & Don’ts

    Promotional writing is one of the most common forms of writing, but also one of the most difficult to do well. Unlike any other kind, promotional writing has to strike a balance — you have to sell, but not too much. You have to be informative, but not to a point you render the item or service you are promoting irrelevant. Achieving this balance is undeniably challenging, and one that many writers struggle with every time they try. However, while promotional writing is tricky, it’s also undoubtedly rewarding. If you can master the art of promotional writing, you can leverage this to your benefit; you could create and monetize a…