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    What is SEO: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writers

    SEO is a big deal for writers that want to make money writing articles and blogs online. Without SEO skills you won’t keep up with your competition. You’ve probably seen job ads looking for writers that know SEO. If you don’t know what those three letters mean, don’t worry. I’m here to help!   SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, which, in a nutshell, means anything that helps a search engine find an article and rank it on the first page of search results. Go to Google and search for your favorite topic. See the first result? That article has excellent SEO. So, how do you get these…

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    7 Ways to Make Your Site Traffic Soar in 2019

    If you’re looking for more traffic to your website in 2019, get going. It won’t happen on its own. Here’s what you need to do to make 2019 your blog or website’s best year yet. Update Your Content With changes in rules, regulations, laws and the way technology is advancing at an amazing pace, something you wrote on your website 6 months ago could be totally out of date and mislead anyone that reads it. You need to reread all of the past articles and blogs and update any of them that fall into this category. Search engines will see the post as still being relevant and that can help with…

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    SEO Tips for Blogging Success

    We all know that in our web savvy, tech heavy world that content is king, but it’s also true to say that not all content is created equal. If you’re settling for second-rate blog posts or web content on your business page, then now’s the time to up your game. If you’re thinking of upgrading your blog, then look no further than this guide to getting noticed on Google and making your search engine optimisation (SEO) pop. Think long You might have been taught to write short, concise content for your web page or white papers, but when it comes to blogs you need to reverse your thinking completely.  While you…

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    Making Your Blog More Professional

    When it comes to the world of blogging everyone and their dog has a blog, but only very few make it into the big bucks. Many people can earn an okay living, working with brands, getting paid for writing content and links. And that is great, but what about making sure that when you are creating things for your blog, they are eye-catching and useful? It isn’t just about what you say it is also about how you present it. If you have a black webpage with tiny yellow typeface no one is going to stick around to see how to make a million bucks, are they? No. When it…

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    FlexJobs’ Survey Finds Some Fascinating Facts About Freelancers

    Boulder, CO, Dec 4, 2018 — Today FlexJobs released new insights from its November 2018 survey, which gathered responses from nearly 1,000 freelancers about key topics related to their freelance career, lifestyle and workstyle. Based on this survey, the profile of the average worker who freelances as their sole source of income is a female Gen Xer working in the writing, marketing, editing, and creative career fields, primarily for small companies and individuals, juggling 2-3 gigs at a time. She freelances by choice, has been freelancing for at least three years although has also worked at a traditional company, and envisions continuing her freelance career for the long-term. “Some might think the…