Brain Performance Drink for Writers? 2 comments

Through one of my writing gigs I was offered a free sample of BriteSHOT, a “brain performance drink.” Huh? I’ve heard of muscle enhancers, but never brain enhancers.
According to the bottle it is supposed to make it easier to focus, concentrate and remember things. Sounds like something a writer could use, right?
Despite my better judgement, I just downed the self-severing sized bottle.
It was beyond disgusting and burned my throat. Not. A. Good. Sign.
It doesn’t say how long it take to work, but I’m not feeling anything yet. Though, the experiment did inspire me to write this blog post. I guess it goes to show that trying something new is a great muse. Next time you’re stuck for an article idea or blog post, get out of your office chair (or stay in it, like me) and do something new.

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