Bad Content is Bad Customer Service

Content fluff is bad customer service.
Content fluff is bad customer service.

Are you giving your visitors bad customer service by posting fluff to your site?

Let me tell you a little story.

The other day I was on Facebook and I saw a post by a popular women’s magazine. I liked the title and preview linked in the post, so I clicked and read the article. IT. WAS. BAD.

The article was supposed to be about laundry secrets you just must learn ASAP. The article, though, gave washed up (no pun intended), old advice that anyone within their target audience would already know.

I was curious to see what others thought of the article, so I clicked back to Facebook and looked at the comments on the post. Almost every single comment was about how basic the article was and how the title was very misleading.

Over the next week or so, I started checking the comments on other articles. The articles that I felt didn’t live up to their title or gave simple information that most people already know had so many negative comments. What really shocked me was the multiple offenders. These publications continually drew in readers with flashy titles, then served up mediocre¬†articles that left their readers yawning, confused, or, even worse, angry.

Don't make your customers mad with crappy content.
Don’t make your customers mad with crappy content.

Angry readers matter, my friends. Many of those angry readers that I came across voted with their clicks. In the comments, they stated that they were unfollowing the website and/or canceling their subscriptions.

You know it didn’t stop there, right? Those angry people probably told their friends, which probably lead to more bad feelings toward’s the website and the brand.

Articles or blog posts aren’t just a great way to bring in views to your site. They are, in a way, a customer service. Sure, you aren’t talking directly to potential customers to complete or help with a transaction, but you are talking to your customers. You are providing a service with your content. If you don’t spend time crafting a great piece that will be interesting to your readers and delivers on the promise made in the title, then you are giving them poor customer service. I don’t need to tell you that poor customer service makes you lose customers. You know that already.

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Give customers what they want: great content!
Give customers what they want: great content!

I know I harp on this a lot, but I am going to say it again: Don’t post fluff on your site! Fluff is articles or blog posts that really aren’t saying anything, but you post them anyway with the hopes of drawing people to your site or because the gurus say you need a blog and your blog can’t be empty, now can it?

If you can’t come up with ideas for new, interesting content, take a look at this article for tips. There is no reason for posting fluff. Just don’t do it. Give your customers what they want.


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