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Beware of the Roche Writer’s Scam

I was targeted yesterday by a scammer. I had applied for a job writing for the company Roche, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a text message from a guy, Randy Edward, claiming to be part of their HR. He told me that he wanted to do an IM interview through Yahoo. Okay, I’ve done IM interviews before. No problem.
The interview progressed just like any other. It got weird when he said that I needed to purchase some equipment from one of the software companies that they use and that they would reimburse me.
Now, I realize some legitimate companies work this way. Jack-in-the-Box, for example, requires employees to purchase non-slip shoes from one of their suppliers.
Still, I had a sneaky suspicion that this guy wasn’t legit, so I contacted Roche. Here is the email I got this morning:

Dear Alina

Thank you for your interest in Roche.

Randy Edward is not working for Roche. Please be aware that there is a scam on several websites where fake “Roche” jobs are being posted. If you apply you will be interviewed via messenger which Roche will never do. In the end you will be requested to pay money for equipment to work from home. Roche will never extend an offer without a personal interview and will never charge any money for joining our company. Please ignore these kinds of advertisements. We are working with our legal department on this.

If you would like to apply for a position with Roche please visit our careers site where you can apply directly online for any vacancies that match your search criteria. If there are no current vacancies that meet your criteria, you have the opportunity to join the Roche Talent Pool. By joining the Roche Talent Pool you are registering your interest in joining Roche. Once you have registered, told us what sort of opportunities you are looking for and ticked the box to activate automatic alerts, we will email you to let you know if suitable positions become available. Please visit us at

We wish you the best in your job search.

Best regards

Natalie Zurbriggen
Corporate Webmaster

So, paying attention to my intuition paid off because I didn’t give him any account information and I didn’t purchase anything before I got the facts.
Next time you have a suspicious feeling, Google or contact the company directly! I Googled and it turns out that this is a common scam. Here is someone else targeted by the Roche scam.
By the way, this scammer’s Yahoo IM is employmentdesk101. I ended up spamming his IM with this message: “Looks like you’re going to jail!” Immature, I know, but it was fun.

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  • Anonymous

    This Mr. Randy Edward contacted me this morning vis sms on my cellphone. I got messages from 1110440601 & he said he was a hiring manager with GE Healthcare, gave me his yahoo IM: employmentdesk101. I told him I was busy, yet he agreed to interview me through yahoo messenger at 8pm and asked me to switch on my webcam. Glad I did not put on my video! After a few conversations, I grew suspicious – my husband suggested I google him out and see. There was none I found with that name in GE Healthcare. But when I googled his yahoo-IM…I got to see your post. Thank you very much, Alina! When I asked him his official email & whether he'l ask me to purchase any software, his answer was wierd. I immediately deleted him out of my conatct list. Thanks again!

  • Michael

    Wll, he is still up to his tricks, so evidently the FBI or who ever did not scare him.
    Just got similar message, except this time he is with GE Healthcare.
    Just sent an email to them asking about him. Would like to contact Yahoo as well.

  • JuneV26

    I, too, received a message from Randy just yesterday. I experienced something very similar to this about a month ago with a woman. It seems that there are an awful lot of scam artist out there, just waiting to get a hold on your money! Thank God, I was wise enough to see through him. So glad you posted this, Alina!

  • debra

    I received a text message from Randy Edward this morning indicating he was a 57 year old hiring manger for Roche. After giving me the website for the legit company, I took the time to go through the interview process. He then told me I needed to purchase software I would later be reimbursed for.

    When i didn't answer right away, he actually had the nerve to continue to forward the remaining e-mail indicating the names of the software packages and the whopping sum of $450.00. This only confirmed my suspisions and I decided to google this scammer and low and behold!

    I have al;ready reported him to both Roche and, I would like to know how I could forward his URL and other identifying information to the, FBI he really needs to be behind bars, and if possible made to repay back the money his has taken from people. I am beyond angry, but thankful I was not a victim of his predatory practices.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this warning. I received a text from this guy a couple of hours ago. Seemed suspicious, getting a request for an IM interview on a Sunday evening of a holiday weekend. Plus I've heard of an IM interview in my line of work. Your post was a quick Google away. The are sure some scummy people out there. Caution. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Alina,

    Thank you for posting this message. It appears this idiot is up to his same ole crap. I got a text message from him about 6am on this Friday morning…so already you know I am pissed because it woke me out of my sleep. However, I was a little dazed so I entertained the message for a minute. Let me give you a small bit of background on me first…I am a Network Security Engineer by trade 😉 . Little did he know, I do this crap for a living on the good side of the law :-). He is dumb enough to put a facebook page out there under a Randy Dragin. He was nervous when I found out who he was and contacted him…all in a matter of 5min. He is now being reported to the FBI.
    Thank you for being cautious and posting for others to be aware.


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