Best Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

The first step to becoming a successful freelance writer on the web is knowing how to find freelance writing jobs quickly. The key is having a list of go-to job websites that always have a fresh list of job opportunities for freelancers. These job sites must have a large about of telecommuting jobs as opposed to sites that focus on on-site jobs.

Here is my list of sites that meet this criteria:

I’ve heard a lot of discussion over whether or not Elance is a good place to look for jobs. A lot of this debate has to do with the fact that Elance has a membership fee and takes a cut (around 8%) of the profits. I have to say I love Elance. I’ve found tons of work and a lot of repeat customers there. Any fees and percentages are worth it, to me. You can get creative writing jobs, ghostwriting jobs, technical writer jobs and more from Elance.

Freelance Writing Gigs 

I have been a long-time fan of this site for finding freelance writing jobs. It is a blog that lists a round-up of freelance writing jobs every day. It saves you tons of time searching on sites like Craigslist.
Online Writing
This site is great. The jobs are always fresh and there is tons of variety.

Digital Point Content Wanted Forum 

If you want some freelance writing jobs that offer quick cash, the best place to go is the Digital Point Content forum. Content buyers post their needs there and forum dwellers snatch up the jobs like hotcakes.
Have a content article or two sitting around not making money? You can sell them on this forum, too. Mine always get sold within 24 hours. You probably won’t bag much money, but it’s better than getting no money, right?

Freelance Writing Jobs Yahoo Group 

Sign up to this group and you get a fantastic, irreplaceable weekly round-up newsletter of all the hottest freelance jobs for that week. I just got a job from pursuing this email last week.


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