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Bathroom Makeover: Bottle Cap Mirror Redo and More

bathroom before makeover
My bathroom before makeover.

I decided to give my bathroom a makeover last week. I think it went really well. I painted the walls a tropical blue, first.

blue bathroom
I love how the white of the towel pops against the blue on the wall.

Then, I mixed the wall color with a little white and painted a 100-year-old kitchen cabinet we had salvaged from an old house. This cabinet slides in against the wall for storage. Without the cabinet there would be no storage at all in my little bathroom. (In our house there is a girl’s bathroom and a guy’s bathroom. This is the girl’s.)

100 year old cabinet
Cabinet before paint.
100 year old cabinet repainted
Cabinet after paint.

I think my crowning pride and joy is my mirror makeover.

bathroom decor
Bathroom and mirror before makeover.

Back before we bought our house, we lived in an apartment. One day, I went to check the mail and our neighbor stopped me. He held up a mirror and said, “Do you like this mirror?”

bathroom mirror
Poor little thing.

“Yah, it’s pretty,” I replied. 

“Good. It’s yours,” he said, and handed me the mirror.

The mirror in question had stick-on decals that looked like stained glass. It was pretty until the humidity of the bathroom in my new house got to it. The decals started peeling off at the bottom.

So, I did a drastic redo. First, I scraped off the decal with a straight blade.

scraping off paint
Scraping off paint.

Then, I took the mirror out of the frame. All I had to do was pull back the staples on the back of the frame.

mirror frame
The deconstructed mirror.

After that, I hot glued bottle caps around the frame to add a unique texture. Don’t worry, I didn’t have to drink those sodas and beers to get the caps. You can find bottle caps lying along side of the road, at the lake or in parking lots.

bottle caps craft
Gluing on the bottle caps.


Bottle cap frame
Finished bottle cap frame.

Once all of the bottle caps were glued on, I painted the whole thing the same color as the cabinet. 

mirror decor
The finished mirror.

I love it! The bottle cap mirror turned out perfect and my bathroom looks great! 

closeup of bottlecap mirror
Closeup of bottle cap mirror.
Bathroom decor
Finished bathroom decor.

Later on, we updated the toilet, sink and more. Read about it and see the pictures here:




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