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Awesome Inexpensive Vintage Wallpaper Using Books

Vintage Book
The book that launched the project.
Originally published April 16, 2014

The wall in my dining room was boring when you compared it to the rest of my home. I had to do something with it. I’ve always like the look of old, vintage prints. I remember my grandma had a tea pitcher with vintage ads printed on it. I loved looking at it while drinking a tall glass of sweet tea (Oklahoma, yall!).
A few years ago, I rescued this old book from a 100-year-old farmhouse that was being torn down. (I got this cabinet in the same house!)

Here’s my hubby tearing down the house:

100 year old home
This house was 100 and full of goodies!!

So, anyhoo, I had a need and this great old book full of illustrations that reminded me of those old ads from the 20s and 30s.

vintage book pages

The book was water damaged and yellow and…perfect!! Its pages were destined for a new life in my dining room to make custom wallpaper. All-in-all, I spent two dollars to wallpaper a whole wall.

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Take a look at my photos to see how the project went! Hint: You can click on the photo to make it larger.

P.S. Don’t cry, book lovers! The book was beyond repair and I saved the cover and the leftover pages.

Here’s my dining room before the makeover. The walls were plain Jane.

redecorating a dining room
My dining room before makeover.

I started by putting a tea bag in some hot water. I’ll use this to tint my wallpaper paste.

Using tea for tinting wallpaper paste.
Using tea for tinting wallpaper paste.

To make the wallpaper paste, I simply mixed in a bottle of white school glue.

Mixing the wallpaper paste.
Mixing the wallpaper paste.

All that was left was to dip each page into the paste, let it drip for a second, and then place it strategically on the wall.

wallpapering with books
Here are the pages, ready to go!
wallpaper from books
This got messy. I should have worn rubber gloves!

Here’s my daughter helping out!

Wallpapering requires some help!

I made sure all of the pages overlapped so that the wall didn’t show through. I also distressed some of the pages by crinkling them and tearing them a little.

wallpaper made from old books
Wallpaper that looks aged to perfection!

Here’s what the wall looked like when I was done.

room wallpapered with books
The finished room.

Notice that I gave the book a place of honor on the shelf?

vintage decorating
The book added a nice touch!

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