Awesome Free Portfolio for Your Writing Clips

I have found a new site that I love. It’s called Contently and its purpose in life is to give writers a kick-butt way of displaying clips in one location. I’m usually not so enthusiastic about sites, but this one is just so well-planned that I can’t help it.

The best part about Contently is that you can type in a general web address and Contently will find all of the articles you authored on that site and add links to them in your profile. You don’t have to do it manually. For example, I am a regular contributor to Thalo Magazine. So, I type into the search bar and the site finds every article I’ve ever written for the site and gives me the option of adding the links to my portfolio. If you don’t like a certain article, no problem. You can choose which ones end up in your clip portfolio.
Seriously, if you’re a writer, you need to join this site. I have three invites to give out. Be one of the first three to email me and I’ll give you one. No, I don’t get anything but the satisfaction of helping for the pleasure of inviting you. 

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