Army T-shirt Restyle

My husband is a soldier, and I like to show my support whenever I can. The other day, I was at one of the stores on base and found a 2X men’s tee on sale for only $8. Well, I just couldn’t pass that up! I took it home and restyled it.


First, I cut the neck and one of the shoulders off to give it a cute 80s vibe. I put cardboard inside the shirt to protect it while I worked. Then, I used some Sharpie markers to write “wife” below the word Army. Now it says Army Wife. Don’t forget to heat set your Sharpie creation by ironing it before you wash the shirt.


Tada!!! I’m wearing a Hanes Get Cozy Bra underneath. It looks like a tank, but its not, so you stay cool in the summer.

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