DIY Lampshade

Amazeballs Lampshade DIY Using a Skirt

Old Shade
The old lampshade.

This is a super quick craft for anyone that wants to change an old lampshade in a snap. My daughter grew out of this beautiful skirt, but I couldn’t give it away.

Green and Gold skirt
I noticed that it is about the same size as the lampshade on my floor lamp and it color coordinated with my living room. Hahza!

All I did was run a bead of hot glue around the top of the shade’s frame (I didn’t remove the old fabric) and then stuck the waistband to the frame. The skirt was a little bigger than the frame, so I pinched the waistband every few inches before I glued it down to give the new shade cover a pleated look.

Finished Skirt Shade

No one knows it used to be a skirt and it really adds a pop of color to that area of the room.

I finished it off by topping the screw that keeps the lap shade on with a drawer pull. I just used a little dot of hot glue. It made a very nice finial.

diy lamp finial

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