Add More Strings… Other Job Types For The Freelance Blogger

Let’s make no bones about it, being a freelancer is hard, very hard. There can be times when we feel that it’s just too much, fighting incessantly for that next contract, or we don’t have the perks and protection that’s offered by the vast majority of permanent jobs.

And when we are a freelance writer, we can feel bound by limitations in terms of our skills. After all, freelance writing is a job that’s very specific, and when you look at the other jobs out there in the big wide world, you have to have an additional set of skills. But let’s realistically look at what we can all do.

Creating Your Own Work

Yes, it would seem to be the easier option on paper, because you have that creative freedom. But to get to that point, it takes a lot of legwork. You could run your own business, and use the experience you’ve gained as a writer to provide material for other websites, but it’s not just about building up a name for yourself, you need some money behind you to cope with the almighty pressures of running a business.

Technologically speaking, you may require a server, especially if you are looking at managing a pool of writers with your own specific writing portals, and you can purchase a cheap VPS to accomplish this, but it’s a lot of effort at the outset. And before we become self-sufficient, we have to find other ways to earn money in the meantime.

Similar Skills In Different Arenas…

If you feel your skills are limited, because you only write blogs, it’s not too difficult to branch out. One of the best options, especially if you feel that you are running dry in a creative sense, is beta reading. This is where you can use your experience to critique other writers’ works. This can be done in a workshop scenario, but there are also plenty of resources online. In addition to this, agency work, especially in the SEO sector, can be a simple stepping stone.

If you feel that writing has become a solitary pursuit, and you’re struggling to manage your time in your home environment, there is nothing wrong with working with an SEO agency; working with other people can reinvigorate your creativity.

That’s the big problem with working at home under your own steam; you can struggle to keep yourself focused. One of the solutions to this would be to continue to freelance, but take on more than you think you’re physically able to do. This might sound counterproductive, but if you take on a little bit more, instead of procrastinating all day, you have to focus on getting these tasks completed in a good time. Because if you have one article to complete today, by searching for additional freelance work, and having, say three articles to complete, you can feel motivated, not just financially, but there’s no time to stop and think about what you’re doing, so you then enter the flow state.

There are plenty of options for you, even if you think you don’t have the necessary skills. And while writing can seem like one string to a bow, in this competitive world, take this as a lesson that you do need to add more strings!


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