Spring door decoration

6 Cute, Fast Decorations for Spring / Summer

I love to change my decor to reflect the seasons, but a lot of the time I just don’t have time to decorate. This year, I’ve come up with a bevy of cute and super fast ways to decorate for spring.

Spring door decoration
1. Use an Old Purse!

I love having something bright and festive on my front door, but I hate spending hours making a new wreath. I had a bright yellow tote that I use to carry my stuff to the gym and some silk sunflowers. I hung the tote by its handles using a wreath hanger and just plopped the silk flowers into the tote. Cute, right? You could easily replicate the look by finding a bright tote at a thrift store.
decorating ideas for spring
2. Pretty Cake Plate + Fruit = Awesome

Okay, this one couldn’t be simpler. Stick some pretty fresh fruit in an awesome cake plate. Done! It makes a super centerpeice for my table in the dining room.

how to make pompoms
3. Hang Up Some Party Pom-Poms

Tissue paper pom-poms aren’t just for parties! Pick some in bright, fun spring colors and hang them in bunches of three. Just make sure that you hang them high enough that they aren’t in the way. You can hang them in a corner if you have low ceilings and worry about people walking into them.

crochet a tshirt rug
4. Throw Down a Colorful Rug

Granted, I made this rug from old t-shirts, but still, the idea remains the same. Plop down a colorful rug in any room and you will fight back those wintertime doldrums. You can learn how to make this super fun rug, too. Here are some more rugs I’ve made from t-shirt yarn.

painting of spring flowers

5. Hang a Floral Painting

Nothing says spring like flowers. Add a little garden party to your walls by hanging a painting of flowers. You can pick up an inexpensive painting at a thrift store. (Or you can hire me to paint you one. Yup, that’s one I painted.)

diy flower pots
6. Add Some Color to Planters

My husband bought me a flower the other day for my office (my office is a sun room). I took a look at the ugly pot and thought there must be a more festive way! So, I folded a piece of tissue paper in half, wrapped it around the planter and taped it in place. Then I taped a pretty tag on the front of the pot. So simple and so colorful!

Do you have any quick tips for adding color and brightness to a room?

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