4 Original Pranks for April Fools


A cute April Fool’s prank for kids.

April Fools day is a lot of fun…as long as you have a cool prank to pull. Here are four pranks that are fresh and fun.

Cabbage Hat

This one is a great joke to play on a little kid…and it’s stylish, too! Take the outer leaves off of a head of cabbage and place them on everyone’s head like a hat…except for the child you are trying to prank. Have everyone sit and wait for the little target to walk into the room. When the kid walks in, watch their reaction to the hat party. It will be priceless. 

Photocopier Paperclip Prank

If you work at an office, this prank is perfect. Ever copy your co-worker makes will come out with a paperclip image printed on it. It is so simple you will slap yourself because you didn’t think of it first. You can get all of the details over at Instructables

Be a Genius for One Day Prank

This one will have you in stitches. Simply DVR your favorite quiz show like Jepordy or Wheel of Fortune and memorize the answers. Then, watch the show with your target in the room while pretending to never seen this particular episode. Right before the contestant answers a question or puzzle, yell out the answer. It will make you feel super smart and your target will be dumbfounded. 

The Mouse Prank

Install a new wireless mouse on your target’s computer. When they go to use their computer, hide and wiggle the mouse and click randomly. Your target will go bizerk. You can also do this with two remotes and a TV. 

Need more ideas? Here are 25 great ones from Bored Panda.


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