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app ideas for your business
There is no denying that owners of retail businesses are often trying to find innovative new ways of enticing customers to their stores. They might come up with some quirky promotions, for example. Or they might hold competitions for people to win a valuable prize if they do something like take a selfie with a particular product. While many of those ideas work to some degree, business leaders are still thinking of better ways to draw more folks into their stores and to ultimately spend money with them. Given that many of us own a smartphone of some description, it […]

4 Retail Business App Ideas to Help Your Business Grow

getting more clients as a freelance writer
  Working from home is the dream for many. No long commute or having to rush out of the door in the morning, no boss micromanaging you or bitchy colleagues to deal with. Instead, you can work from the comfort of your home office, working on your own terms. There are a few different avenues you can take as a writer. Ideally, you will have your fingers in a number of pies, which will give you a more stable and reliable income. Here are a few ventures you could pursue. Blogging If you’re a keen writer, chances are you already […]

How Can I Make Money With My Writing Skill?

good customer service
When you run a small company, it’s essential to be aware of the risks of potential disasters that could put you out of business. It’s hard enough to make a new venture successful in a fiercely competitive marketplace without having to try and recover from setbacks. If you’re a small business owner (freelance writers, I’m looking at you!), here’s everything you need to stay on track. Keeping Your Business Premises Safe You’ve invested blood, sweat and tears and a whole heap of cash. The last thing you want is to lose everything to opportunistic thieves. Whether you run an office […]

Small Business Solutions: Everything You Need to Stay on Track