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Something I do to level up my Pokemon, hatch eggs and gather items from PokeStops is have a Pokemon Go driving party with your friends. No! I don’t mean Pokemoning and driving. That’s a big no sir. Instead, have someone be the designated driver. This person will hand over their phone to someone else in the car so they won’t be tempted to play while driving. The passenger that gets the phone will play the driver’s game and their own. Then, the driver drives around neighborhoods and areas of town where the speed limit is 20 m (32.18 km) per hour […]

Have Pokemon Party to Level Up Fast

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Forget milkshakes, Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard. Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with. According to Adobe Digital Insights there has been more than 8.9 million global social mentions (including all mentions of Pokemon and Pokemon GO) in July to date. This is a 2,353% increase from the 2016 monthly average of Pokémon mentions in the first half of July alone (July 1-13). You can harness this force and use it to make money if you own a brick-and-mortar business. How? Download the game, login, set up a character and do check to see if your business is […]

How to Use Pokemon Go to Get More Business

gift basket for kids
Gift baskets are a great gift to pamper the people on a Christmas or birthday gift list. Store bought gift baskets can be expensive, though. It is easy to make gift baskets at home for less, though, and it can be fun! Getting Started The average homemade gift basket will cost around ten dollars, making it a really perfect gift to give for the budget conscious. The first item required for making gift baskets it the basket, of course. The conscious shopper can find some really nice baskets at thrift stores for as little as 50 cents a piece. Shoppers […]

Over 40 Homemade Gift Basket Ideas