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After the world sighed a breath of relief after the whole Y2K thing, everyone re-embraced shiny gadgets and the wonders of online browsing. Tech has since rocketed past anything ever imagined. There’s still some things we miss from the 2000s, though, even though they were less than amazeballs, even back then. Creative Commons Photo  1.      Chat Rooms They took forever to log into and you never really knew who you were talking to. Plus, there was always the chance you weren’t talking to 14-year-old Annie in Ohio and were actually talking to 40-year-old Andy from Orlando. Today, most chat rooms […]

Annoying 2000s Tech We Kinda Miss

How to add straps to shoes 12 comments
I just bought a pair of flats that I love, but the straps were too small. So, I cut the straps off, but then the flats wouldn’t stay on my feet. You are going to love my solution. You can do this to any pair of flats that you have laying around the house and it looks great! Plus, it is super easy to do. Here’s how I did it: You’ll need ribbon and a yarn needle. Cut the ribbon at an angle so that it with thread the needle. Also, cut the old straps off of the flats. Poke […]

Update Your Flats in 10 Minutes DIY

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The thought of intense pulse light hair removal had me a bit worried. Using intense pulse light (IPL) technology at home seemed a bit dangerous, especially for a klutz like me. The lure of never needing to shave again overcame my worries, though. What is Light Pulse Hair Removal? The science behind IPL hair removal is simple. An IPL device shoots multiple wavelengths of light, between 500 and 1,200 nanometres, into the skin. The light gets absorbed by the pigments in the hair, heats it, and destroys the cells that causes the hair to grow. For the treatment to work, […]

My 6 Weeks Trying Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal System

New uses for old tablets 42 comments
Your tablet gathering dust? Here are five ways to give it a new life. Remember a few years ago when tablets were the new got-to-have gadget? Then, over time, people realized that tablets, for the most part, where redundant. Who really wants a device that is smaller than a laptop but slightly bigger than a phone but has all of the same capabilities as a phone? Now most folks have either given their tablets away or they’re languishing in a drawer. It’s time to give your old tablet a new life. Here are some simple ways to give that old […]

5 New Uses for Old Tablets

Guest Posted on January 6, 2016 by Ben Taylor With the holidays in the books, SpecOut looked back at the hottest gifts from the season, with a focus on Amazon sales. The online retailer released a report detailing the best-sellers of the holidays, ranging from music to movies, gadgets to home appliances. As usual, electronics and home entertainment dominate the list. We’ll run through 25 of the hottest sellers, complete with the likely keys to success. With more than 200 million orders shipped from Amazon Prime alone, chances are at least a few of these products found their way under […]

25 Products That Won the Holiday Season

I’m a penny pincher, so I didn’t want to shell out extra money for an LED bulb, but the packages assured me that they would last for years. I gave in and now my home is full of LED bulbs. I’ve noticed, though, that my bulbs haven’t been lasting years. I fact, I’ve had to change a few of them just 6 months after purchase. I did some research and found that I’m not the only one with this problem. Many others have been posting their bad experiences with LEDs burnout online. In 2014, a consumer group called Which? found that out of […]

Your LED Bulb May Not Last

People are always asking how often they should post on different social media platforms. While many think they have the magic formula, there is only one rule you need to remember for Facebook: One or two is enough. How Facebook Compares to Twitter On Twitter you can get away with posting several times per hour and reap a lot of likes and follows. This is because Twitter shows a post when a person posts it. If your follower isn’t looking at their feed when you post, they may miss it unless they go directly to your page. (Note: I did […]

Post Less on Facebook for Better Results